Elf vs Orc Quest

The Elf/Orc Quest is a side-quest that doesn't affect the main storyline in Shilla, however, taking a side helps you in some aspects and hurts you in others.

You need to walk around the town alot, and eventually a town guard tells you that an elf asks you to meet up at the Hotel. A minimum of 750 Int is required to receive this quest.
You go there, and are asked to meet Windstalker at the top of the Yggdrasil Tree in Elven Village. You do that, and he asks you to spy on some Orcs in the Orc Outpost. You only need the ability to swim to make the journey to the Orc Outpost. During this quest the threat of meeting a Whirlpool temporarily removed.

At the Orc Outpost, you are presented with a decision. Betray the Elves or not. After you make your decision, go back to Elven Village. The Orcs have started their plan to burn down the Yggdrasil Tree. If you're helping them, you can kill the Elves. If you're against them, you'll be attacking the Orcs. You don't have to join in the fight and can simply wait.

After a short period of time, the quest will be completed.

If you sided with the Orcs, you get free access without being attacked for any future period of time, plus their armor shops sell Elven Boots and Elven Cloak. But the Elven Weapon, Armor, and Amulet Shops are burned down(so you can't buy anything anymore from them).

If you sided with the Elves, you can't gamble in Orc Village, and any Elven Shops give you a 10% discount on their goods.

Quest Completion for either side nets you 20 Quest Points.

Tip: If you decide to wait and leave the Elf waiting at the Hotel, he will stay as long as needed until you are strong enough to one round the ocean surface. Then you can accept this quest and train there without whirlpools bothering you up to 7 days. Just stay away from Orc Outpost because as soon as you enter there this enchantment disappears.

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