Elite Armor

Elite Armor is a new armor in the game that provides extra defense and/or extra stat boosts from a normal piece of armor. To get these, you will have to go to unique areas of the game, and kill stronger versions of these monsters to get these pieces.

Here is what is known so far for areas, and types:

Crab Lord

The Crab Lord is in the Beach and only drops 3 pieces of elite armor, 1 for each guild. The purpose is to introduce the new armor into the game, and also to get you familiar with the elite monster battle mechanics.

Elite monsters can attack first before you will, so you will need to make sure you are properly healed before the fight, and properly defended against any attack. Testing with a character seemed to be that the max hit was somewhere less than 70, so if you have that much life, defense, or a combination of both, you will survive.

Here are the drops:

Type Armor Defense Stat
Fighter Elite Tin Placed Gloves 5 +5 Str
Thief Elite Soft Leather Coif 5 +5 Dex
Mage Elite Cloth Sandals 3 +5 Int

Training here can get you a small amount of gold by selling the armor. Not enough to really do anything, but enough to get a starter weapon, amulet of apprentice or buying the rest of the armor for your guild(armor is overrated at this point in the game, so save the money).

Cave River(Ogre Cave)

Down at the very bottom of the Ogre Cave, if you go west and have the digging skill and a shovel equipped, you can enter the Cave River.

The Cave River has 3 sections. Elite, Veteran, and Noble. The monsters are enhanced versions of the Hydra, Pirarucu, and the Ogre-Eating Cave Spider.

Elite monsters have double the attacks, but their damage per attack is 60/70/80% of normal values. So see the chart below to understand.

Hydra Attacks Max Hit Damage/Attack
Regular 3 1650 550
Elite 6 1980 330
Veteran 6 2310 385
Noble 6 2640 440
Cave Spider* Attacks Max Hit Damage/Attack
Regular 8 1650 206.25
Elite 16 1980 123.75
Veteran 16 2310 144.375
Noble 16 2640 165
Piraracu* Attacks Max Hit Damage/Attack
Regular 1 1650 1650
Elite 2 1980 990
Veteran 2 2310 1155
Noble 2 2640 1320
  • = Estimated Max hits, not 100% confirmed so take at your own risk, but the damage is similar to a Hydra.

Elite monsters can only drop Elite armor. Elite armor has double the defense of a regular piece of armor. Only Elite armor has a higher defense value.
Veteran monsters can drop Elite armor, plus the next tier above, which gives +40 to a stat.
Noble monsters can drop Elite, Tier 1, or Tier 2 armor. Tier 2 armor gives +40 to a stat, plus +20 to an additional stat.

Monster Type Defense Stat 1 Stat 2
Elite Elite 50%
Veteran Visionary same +40 Int
Noble Saintly same +40 Int +20 Wis
Monster Type Defense) Stat 1 Stat 2
Elite Elite 50%
Veteran Gifted same +40 Dex
Noble Shadow same +40 Dex +20 Chr
Monster Type Defense Stat 1 Stat 2
Elite Elite 50%
Veteran Impenetrable  same +40 Str
Noble Stalward  same +40 Str +20 Con

Elite armors are new armors that are dropped by elite versions of creatures that already exist.

These new creatures can appear in different levels, each of which can hit harder than their corresponding creature they are based on.
Example versions of these are: Elite, Veteran, Nobel, Leader, Grand Master
Each level up can hit an extra 10% harder
Only the higher versions can drop the better versions of the armor and the drop rates on the better versions are VERY bad

WARNING: The creatures that can drop these armors can hit you 1st, and the higher up versions of them can hit really, really hard so be warned and always heal up

The base elite armor (the ones called elite) have the best armor values but have no stat buffs
The higher vrsions beyond base have less armor than the base (but far higher than anything else)
each step up after that is named something else and will add an extra stat buff

Not every armor slot is available at any given tier

Going from say pearl to dragon plate or dragon plate to aqua will double the stat buffs for the like version of the armor pieces

Fighter: Elite > Impenetrable > Stalwart > Indestructible > ???
Stat 1 Str, 2 Con, 3 Dex, 4 ??

Mage: Elite > Visionary > Saintly > Mythical> ???
Stat 1 Int, 2 Wis, 3 ??, 4 ??

Thief: Elite > Gifted > Shadow > ???
Stat 1 Dex, 2 Chr(total worthless bullshit), 3 Con? (unconfirmed since none have been found), 4 ??

OK, so I understand and I want some, where do I get it?

Crab Lord in the SE section of the beach in the only spot where you can go down is your first shot at some this is better versions of the starter shop armors

Next up Is the bottom spot in the Ogre Cave. to enter the zone you have to equip either the band of earth or a shovel (just to enter after that equip your regular weapon) This gives you a shot at hydra, fish scale, and spider silk

Then we have the hexagon which gives you a shot at holy pearl, serpant scale, and unicorn
This area is kind of confusing to navigate and has different entrances depending on your guild
Fighters: Just outside druid keep or in the dungeon
Thieves: The SW spot of the lake, or the middle of the southern part of the 2nd floor of sky castle
Mages: Bottom of the pit or a dead end in the maze

Note that entering the 1st spot of the hexagon will trigger damage
The outer portion only gives you regular versions of the creatures (no elites)

Next up we have the Volcano which gives you access to dragon plate, dragon scale, and dragon blood
These can be found on levels 9 and 7
level 9 has green dragons
level 7 has adult red dragons
These zones have stat restrictions on entering them

Next up is aqua shell, illusionary, and oracle
They can be found in the circular part of the river in the ocean
and 4 specific spots in the pyramid
Spot 1: pyramid top tele, go 2s 2e, then follow the path to level 3(leader Horus)(warrior mage leader)
Spot 2: Pyramid top tele: Go 2N then down, then n then e all the way, then D, then 2E (leader horus, Anubis leader)
Spot 3: there's a spot on the base that seemed to just have base elites so not really worth seeking out
Spot 4: ???

Note: Ancient level on Thief gear found from Warrior Mage Leader in the Pyramid Elite room Enchantments were Dexterity: +320 Charisma: +160 Constitution: +160

See Dino-Land for the next tier of elite armor beyond aqua/illusionary/oracle. Dino scale is guildless so there is only 1 set but the stat buff on the piece is random and will be in the name of the piece.

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