Elite Monsters

Elite monsters are special monsters in Shilla. They have the ability to sometimes go first before you do, have more attacks, and therefore a higher max hit than their regular versions.

Why would you fight them then?

  • Weapons with + bonuses
  • Armor with higher defense, and/or stat boosts
  • Higher exp/gold than the regular versions

There are 5 types of Elite monsters, and here are their stats:

Type Damage per attack: Best Possible Armor Drop
Elite 60% Elite(double base defense)
Veteran 70% 1 Stat Bonus
Noble 80% 2 Stat Bonus
Leader 90% 3 Stat Bonus
Grandmaster 100% 4 Stat Bonus

To understand this a little better. Lets say I'm fighting Aa. Aa has 1 attack and does 1000 damage with the attack.
Now I'm fighting Noble Aa. Noble AA has double the attacks, so now he has 2. But his max hit is 80% of the original. So he has a attack value of 800 because it's 80% of 1000. But he has 2 attacks, so the total damage he will do is 1600.

To go first, it is reported to have a higher chr value compared to dex/int or dex+int. The highest you can go is 95% initiative.
This needs researching to be accurate.

With Vivi, my base stats for Dex, Int and Chr were 16,890, 23,530, and 16,240 and I seem to be going first at least 90-95% depending on type of monster. Hopefully that can be a reference point, since it does go off of a ratio.


Crab Lord(Elite)
This is a starter monster that drops one piece of elite starter armor for each guild. It isn't much to start with, but you can sell extra pieces to get some extra gold to buy a weapon, more armor, or starter rings/amulets.

Mountain(Cave River)

Pirarucu, Ogre Cave Spider, Hydra (Elite,Veteran, Noble)

This area drops the first set of bonus armor that gives stats. Killing Veterans gives you an opportunity to get something with a primary stat(Int for Mages, Str for Fighters, Dex for Thieves). Killing Nobles can possibly give you armor with a secondary stat as well(Wis for Mages, Con for Fighters, Chr for Thieves).

This can be a good area for mages to train, they can train their magic shield and energy shield to a level where Hydra's and Ogre Cave Spiders will do 0 damage. Pirarucu however, must be avoided to avoid a painful death. You'll find lots of armor to sell to try and make your bank bigger.

Gnome Village

Gnome Devourer (Noble)

The Gnome Devourer is in Gnome Village, in the SE corner. His max hit is listed in Shilla at 3000, but that's the base version that will never spawn. Noble version, by doing the math will be 4800 because he will have 4 attacks doing 1200 damage per attack.

Killing him can give you a chance at a T7 weapon, with the range of weapons between +0(regular) to +3.
You can read more about Elite Weapons here.

Shilla Bay

Henry the Hellish(Elite)

Read more about the Open Seas in general here.

Henry is a boss monster, which means it has a timer for how long it takes to appear, and once it is activated the first one to kill it gets the rewards.

Henry spawns in a spot that from the furthest East of the Shilla Docks, S, SE, S 5x.(You may have to find alternative directions due to wind patterns, but that is where it is).

You will need to defeat the ship and board it, you will find a bunch of Elite versions of regular mobs to kill, and if you are lucky you will come across Henry after killing a few.

Henry as a Elite will hit for a max hit of 5250, with 2 attacks doing a max of 2625 damage.

Killing him will give you a random assortment of 2-3 weapons, which are T8 and are between +0 and +3.

Footface Island

Captain Skull Hat(Elite)

You will need a Sextant to visit here, and the next section after. Reading the section of Open Seas above will give you a better idea of what you will need to do, and where you need to go. When I killed Skull Hat, he was still in the Shilla Bay. He is a boss creature that spawns only once per hour.

Same idea applies to killing Skull Hat as it did for Henry. Skull Hat will hit for a total max hit of 7500 damage, doing 2 attacks at 3500 damage.

Killing him will give you a random assortment of 3 weapons, which are T8 and are between +0 and +3.

Haunted Islands


Last area in the Sea section

Balthasar has a max hit of 15000, with 2 attacks doing 7500 damage a piece.

He is located NW of the northern most island. You will need to board the ship and like the last 2 bosses, kill until you see them. It's a boss creature that spawns once every 2 hours.


This is an entire area of elite monsters. Read about the section in detail in it's own page here.


The Level 7 and 9 of the Volcano contain areas of elite dragons. They drop elite versions of the the dragon armor. These areas have high stat restricts that progressively get higher the deeper you go. See the area page for more specific information (when I finish researching it anyway).


Somewhere in the big blue is droppers of elite Aqua armor.


Couple more pieces of elite Aqua are found here.


There is one monster here that drops a piece of elite Aqua as well.

Ice Palace

There is one here as well.


Final 2 pieces can be found here, in the 3rd level.

Dino Land or Dino Valley

Somewhere in there are Dinos that drop elite Dino armor.

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