Elven Fetch Quest

These are two of the newer quests that have been added to the Shilla world. They are voluntary and completely optional quest.

The food fetch quest is activated by visiting the Elven Food Shop. Dorlanna will then ask you to return with 10 Red Wines. You'll have to work your way into the Inner Maze to find the creatures that drop that food. The reward is 50 Charisma and 5 Quest Points.

The amulet fetch quest is activated by visiting the Elven Amulet Shop and having completed retrieving a Blue Amulet for the Jewelry Shop Owner in Shillatown. Master Marariand will then send you to retrieve a Maji Ward, a Nightmist Ring, and a Ring of the White Mage. The fetch quests must be completed in that order. The items do not have to be "new" and can be sent via the Trinket Exchange. The rewards are listed in the table below.

Amulet Retrieved Reward
Magi Ward 150 Million Experience and 5 Quest Points
Nightmist Ring 250 Million Experience and 10 Quest Points
Ring of the White Mage +100 Wisdom, +200 Int, +100 Charisma, and 15 Quest Points
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