Elven Village

Elven Village, or Yggdrasil as it is sometimes referred to, is the home of the elves. From the Deep Dark Forest teleport go South eleven times. The entrance will be to the west.

Two factors determine whether entry is granted: how many elves you have killed and Charisma. While this hasn't been completely researched, a Kobold with a combinations as low as 0 elf kills and 33 charisma was successful.

The Elven Village will be often visited during your time in the Shilla world. It is the location of the two dexterity pieces of village armor, the Elven Cloak and Elven Boots, as well as the training location for the spells Bedazzle and Magic Shield.

A total of four fetch quests, food and amulet, and one of the sub quests, Elves vs. Orcs also has a connection with the village.

Two Weapon Specialty Guilds are found in the Elven Village. They are the Mana Weaponeers Guild and the Ranger Guild.

Lastly two unique items in a golden chest, Yggdrasil Berry and Yggdrasil Leaves, can also be found at the dead ends of the Village.

Options at the Trunk…


Y — Trunk of Yaggdrasil, Up/Down directions available
D — East to Deep Dark Forest
C — Courier Corp
R — Ranger's Specialty Guild
A — Master Marariand's Amulet Shop
S — Elven Spell Training Hut
M — Mana Weaponeers Guild

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