Elven Village

General Description

Elven Village, or Yggdrasil as it is sometimes referred to, is the home of the elves. From the Deep Dark Forest teleport go South eleven times. The entrance will be to the west.

Two factors determine whether entry is granted: how many Elves found in the Dark Forest you have killed and total Charisma, not base. The minimum Charisma with no elf kills needed is 30 points. For every elf kill you need to add an additional 2 points of Charisma.

With no elf kills you need 30 charisma to be granted access.

The Elven Village will be often visited during your time in the Shilla world. It is the location of the two dexterity pieces of village armor, the Elven Cloak and Elven Boots, as well as the place where you do various quests.

A total of four fetch quests, food and amulet, and one of the sub quests, Elves vs. Orcs also has a connection with the village.(not currently in the game)

Four Weapon Specialty Guilds are found in the Elven Village. They are the Tomeholder Guild, Wandwielder, Staff Controllers and the Ranger Guild. And there's a Spell shop that sells Acid Cloud scroll, but it's not a very good spell.

Lastly two unique foods in a golden chest, Yggdrasil Berry and Yggdrasil Leaf, can also be found at random spots in the Village. Yggdrasil Leaf is a food needed to do a Mage's guild quest.

Quick Directions

The Elven Village can be confusing to navigate. Here are some quick directions to the often visited locations.

W, S, S, W, N, W, U, NE, NE, NE - Amulet Shop
W, S, S, W, N, W, U, U, NE - Armor and Sail Shop
W, S, S, W, N, W, U, U, U, W, W - Weapon Shop
W, S, S, W, N, W, U, U, W, W, SW - Food Shop


Y — Trunk of Yggdrasil, Up/Down directions available
T — Tomeholder's Specialty Guild location
C — Courier Corp - Out of Order
R — Ranger's Specialty Guild location
A — Master Marariand's Amulet Shop
W — Wandwielder's Specialty Guild location
E — Elven Spell shop
S — Staff Controllers Specialty Guild location

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