Enchanted Stone Quest

The Enchanted Stone quest is the only quest in Shilla that you can compete with others in a race towards finding a common goal, which is the stone.

It starts at a hallway, in the Druid Keep, at the Keep Druid level. You need to kill the creature to see the location.

Sometimes you can't see it because of many reasons:

  1. You already have done the quest. If you did, you won't see it for the next 3-4 opportunities.
  2. You tried to do the quest before. If you have, you can't do the quest for the next 2 opportunities.
  3. The align you currently are, has possession of the stone. So you can't go after your own alignment.

If you get the quest, it'll describe who has possession of the stone. If its the Fire Temple, you need to go after creatures who are of the Fire Element. If its Air, then Air aligned creatures.

Once you establish that, you basically are on a killing race to find the stone 1st. It generally takes about a 1000 kills before you see the stone(its just a dropped item like anything else).

When you get it, you can pick from 3 choices.

  1. Random Experience(waste of time)
  2. Random Gold(decent amount actually)
  3. Random stat boost(60-100 anything, can be really helpful, or not).
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