Experience Trainer

The Trainer is where you turn your experience into stats. There's only one place like this in Shilla, so they have a kind of monopoly.
Location: Shillatown
Directions from fountain: 4E, S, W.

At the top you see how much experience you currently have, this goes down fast as you train.

The list below contains information about your current base stat levels and how much experience it'll cost to increase them one point.

Simply click one of the buttons to increase that stat by one point.

You can train up to 10 points per click by changing the amount in the box at the bottom.

Base stat costs will vary a lot, even at the same level, so check back often to figure out when is the best time to train a certain stat.

The base price depends on your race and of course which stat level you're currently at.

Base stats do not include any bonuses you get from amulets, rings, bracelets, or armor.

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