A Score Menu: Already displayed. The 6 main stats displayed are the current ones, the grey underneath is base stats, and () means any bonuses from equipment.
B Weapons: Where to equip any weapons you may find in game.
C Armor: Same idea as weapons.
D Same idea as Weapons and Armor.
E Shows a list of all the food and spells you have acquired in the game. You can eat the food here, or cast any restorative or buff spells here. There are attack spells and skills shown, but those are used elsewhere in the game.
F Misc Items. Anything not mentioned above fits in this category.
G Guilds. Information on what guild you belong in, subcategories, when you joined them, past ranks you have earned.
H Bonuses: Guild bonuses from guilds first, badges from exploration show up 2nd, 3rd is anything from equipment, spells or other bonuses.
I Options: Various different settings that include button hotkeys, style layouts, icons, and other things show up here.
J Menu: Who's online, default button keys, date in Shilla time.
K These icons will show your current buffs and hovering over them with your mouse will tell you type, and time remaining.
L Simple Life, Mana and Fatigue bar shown here.
M Battle screen. Shows monster, life/mana/fatigue bars.
N Single Attack(or cast if mage). Initiates battle.
O Consider: Examines your life, defense, and defensive buffs compared to the monsters attack power and number of attacks. It will tell you if you will live, might die, or for sure die if you proceed with the battle.
P Chat. Standard chatroom where you can chat with other players. Also displays world messages such as if a world boss was defeated, if any world quests were done, and other important information.
Q Where you can move. If it's greyed out you can not click it, if it is highlighted you can move there.
R Minimap showing where you are, nearby spots in the same zone, and other players if nearby.
S You are here =P
T While this wiki strives for as much accurate information as possible, there are places where the game will tell you a generalized idea of stats for a zone.
U Logging out and going back to the main screen. This isn't neccessary however.
V Who's online, and () is actively playing. You can click this for more details.
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