Eye Of Ra

The Eye of Ra is a high level mage amulet found only as a Hidden Treasure in the Vast Desert.
It gives 300 Dexterity, Wisdom, and Intelligence. It also nullifies all heat and cold damage in the Vast Desert.

It is the probably the hardest item to find in the game, period. You need the Treasure Hunting skill, and tons of patience. Head to a 5-way direction spot without a Compass. Now, repeatedly hit consider, to get the directions to refresh. Eventually, you will get a hidden treasure link. You may get it, or you may find some other rare treasure. Patience is a must here.

People use this to help them scroll, and also to train in the Vast Desert. However, a Phylactery is almost just as useful, and has made this item not so valuable. But it still is a major sought after item.

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