• Fatigue is used to show how rested your character is. It is determined by adding together your Dexterity, Constitution, and Wisdom. Several activities decrease your fatigue and when it reaches 0 your character is unable to attack and possibly move if your Encumbrance is at Light or higher. Here is a list of what reduces your character's fatigue.
  1. Attacking
  2. Moving while encumbered, in any area except for Shillatown.
  3. Wearing a cursed Invisibility Ring.
  • If you run out of fatigue in a middle of a battle the creature will hit you, but does not continue to auto-attack. Basically you are too tired to swing at the creature, so it will wait until you do swing at it.
  • Fatigue is restored, just like Mana, by sleeping at the Fountain or the eating of any food.
  • There is a spell in town that restores Fatigue, called Rejuvenate.

The words "Fatigue penalty" are used throughout the Weapons page. This is the loss of additional Fatigue from using a weapon that you don't have the required stat amount to wield. Along with this additional loss of Fatigue you will do less damage with the weapon unless a unknown minimum stat amount is met as well.

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