This page talks about the Fighter Guild, in detail. It goes through every quest, and what bonuses you will get.

The guild is located at the northeast corner of Shillatown, south of the Trader's Jack. To become a member, you must have already done the Clear the Beach quest.

Quest 1/Startup Quest(.53% weapon damage increase)

Once you have done that, they offer you a limited membership. They now want to make sure you have 100 Strength and Constitution. So train the stats to complete the first quest.

Quest 2(1000 Life)(3.3% weapon damage increase)

At this point, you will be asked to visit a few places. First, is Smitty, the Shillatown weapon shop owner. Visit him, head back. Now, go to Elven Village, and talk to the armor shop owner, Durrinthar, then return back. Finally, go visit Kilmur, the Dwarven Stronghold armor shop owner, and go back. Finally, go visit Durrinthar again. If you haven't killed 200 Troll's yet, you will need to do that. Otherwise, he'll get his order, and you can go back to the Guild.

Quest 3(2000 Life)(4.9% weapon damage increase)

The idiot, Kilmur, finally calmed his short little temper down to a point where you can actually talk to him. He however, wants you to be his slave. Why? Because he can. And you really think Dwarves get slaves, ever? Exactly. Okay… back to the actual quest at hand.
You need to learn the Mining skill in the Dwarven Stronghold in order to get what this idiot wants. A skill level of 20 is plenty. He wants you to find these gems, in this order:

10 Tiny Pearls
10 Tiny Gold Nuggets
5 Small Pearls
5 Small Gold Nuggets
3 White Pearls
3 Gold Nuggets

After giving him these items, you're done with this quest. Head back to the guild to complete it.

Quest 4(3000 Life)(6.1% weapon damage increase)

This is easier. You go down to the Dark Forest and kick the crap out of a White Slime until you get a White Pixie Dust. Then return back to the Guild to complete it.

Quest 5(5000 Life)(7% weapon damage increase)

The Halflings need your help. They are dealing with the Killer Wolf, who are screwing around with their shipments. And you know… they are too fat to deal with it themselves. So you have to kill 50 of them. Do that, and head back to the Guild to complete the quest.

Quest 6(7000 Life)(7.7% weapon damage increase)

Another easy one. Go kick the crap out of a Ruby Golem in the Sky Castle until you get a Red Ruby. After that, return back to the Guild to complete it.

Quest 7(10000 Life)(8.3% weapon damage increase)

This is where you see the lack of intelligence show in the Guild. They ask for a Red Ruby Necklace, dropped by the Hatchling Dragon in the Volcano. Get that, return back to the guild. Guess they were wrong. They want Red Ruby Leggings. Hit the Clouds up, and grab one of those from the Hippogriff. Finally, they say Red Ruby Gauntlets, again in the Volcano, dropped by the Young Red Dragon. Wow… after getting that one, they figure out that's the one they really wanted. Idiots.

Quest 8(15000 Life)(8.8% weapon damage increase)

Now they want a Blackened Staff. Sorry, but you have to forge it. If anything, have someone send you a Ruby Mace, and save yourself the extra 10-15 items you'd have to grab, and just get the necessities. Turn it in, and move on.

Quest 9(25000 Life)(9.3% weapon damage increase)

They want a food for this top secret forge. They think 1st, its Baklava. Go up to the Pyramid, beat down a monster that drops it(Cerberus is probably the easiest to kill), return back, they want Feeter Bel Asaag that's dropped by the Mummy Wizard. Get that, return, find out it's not the right food again. Now, they want a Raw Imp. Get one from the Sabertooth Tiger in the Glacier, return back, and you've completed that quest.

Pierced Bracelet

Now, with the items you have found, you can make the Pierced Bracelet, which subtracts 5% of any monster's armor. Very, very effective item.

Here is the combo:
Armor Gem Weapon Dust Food
Red Ruby Gauntlets Red Ruby Blackened Staff White Pixie Dust Raw Imp

Quest 10(40000 Life)(9.7% weapon damage increase)

Final Quest. First, you need to visit the Town Forge shop and show the Pierced Bracelet. Then, visit the Fighter's guild to receive the next task. There's a Hill Giant that has been terrorizing the Mountain area, and needs to be taken out. You'll find him roaming the mountain top. You should be save fighting this dude, his max hit is probably 25k if that. Anyway… fight him, shouldn't take too much trouble since his Life is only about 100 million. After defeating him, go back to the guild and you'll receive your last promotion.

Congrats, you have passed all of the Fighter's Quests!

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