Fire Scroll

The Fire Scroll is dropped by the Death Angel in the Great Plains Well. The Well randomly moves per hour in the Plains, but the Death Angel is the only monster there.

The Scroll is the lower powered of the 2 scrolls in the game. Generally people use this to get the other scroll, the Ice Scroll, and when they are more powerful themselves, to get items like a Groping Carnage Ring, Ice Ring, Ice Bracelet, and Mythril Armor, because even though it takes more time to train a Fire Scroll for those needs, it's easier to get them and train them, as opposed to trying for Ice Scrolls that don't always drop.

The Scroll Training Shop is located in the Northwest Corner of Shillatown.

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Monster Scroll Resist %

Note this is a short list. Basically any monster that would be a considered a "must scroll".
If you are wondering about any others, they are probably on their monster pages.

Monster Resist %
Warrior Mage 35%
Thor/Loki/Balder 55%
Odin 50%
Elemental Guardian(strong to your alignment) 80%
Storm Giant 20%
Phanganon 35%
Spirit Guardian 95%
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