Food Shops and Sellers

Food Shops and Sellers

General Information

A Food Shop refers to an merchant in Shilla, who makes their living, by selling food. Generally, there's one in every town/village. Also, there are some who venture out in the open, in hopes of making a bigger buck for their families back home, in spite of the monsters that could possibly end their career in one second. However, these people generally do make good money, reportedly in excess of a few million gold a day, because they sell food people actually want to buy.
<~~~End RP Description~~~>

As far fetched as the above went, it is true. Town merchants generally sell food that:

  1. Can be found for free on a monster kill(Sebby's, Pete'sa, Bruno's.. all sell the same variety of food).
  2. If not found for free, they make a cheap generic version(Elven Village, Dwarven Stronghold, Necropolis).

Halfling Shire is the best option for Village food, because that's all they care about. Buying any food there works good for training.
Draconian Lair has a couple options for food too, but they are harder to get into safely.

As for the merchants, you'll find 3 in your travels:

  1. Traveling Merchant in the Vast Desert - Pick up the Chili Peppers from him. Manticore otherwise drops them. Heals for 2970.
  2. Hermit in the Glacier - Pick up Nectar from him. Heals for 5814.
  3. Demonic Merchant in the Catacombs (currently not in the game) - Pick up the Yellow Snow Cones from him. They heal for 7814. Otherwise the Ice Warrior drops them.

Food Sellers

Below you will find a group of tables that will tell you who sells what food. Click on the tables title to go the specific page that will get you directions to their locals. I have put in red any food that is unique to that seller and cannot be found anywhere else.

Village Food Sellers

Pete'sa Hut in Shillatown
Bear Steak
Ghoul Gruel
Goat's Milk
Zombie Punch
Dorlanna's Big Tree Cafe in the Elven Village
Elven Cookies
Elven Wheybread
Elven Wine
She will buy Red Wines after completing her Elven Fetch Quests(currently not in the game)
The Ghastly Saloon in Necropolis
Bear Steak
Ghoul Gruel
Goat's Milk
Zombie Punch
Fartana's Bar in the Dwarven Stronghold
Dwarven Ale
Dwarven Mead
Dwarven Meat
The Halfling Food Sellers
Tenderleaf's Bar Rivertoe's Bakery
Halfling Pints Halfling Baggets
Halfling Tea Halfling Carrots
Halfling Weed Halfling Stew
Shanz' Rations in the Draconian Lair
Draconian Dark Ale
Draconian Trail Mix

Area Food Shops

Sebby's Stand in the Vast Valley
Bear Steak
Ghoul Gruel
Goat's Milk
Zombie Punch
Bruno's House of Food in the Dark Forest
Bear Steak
Ghoul Gruel
Goat's Milk
Zombie Punch
Burrito are sold after Bruno's part of the Food Fetch Quests(currently not in the game)

Independent Food Sellers

The Traveling Merchant in the Vast Desert
BBQ Rat Toes
Bear Steak
Golden Showers
Oasis Water
Pegasus Wing
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Sparkling Silver
The Wandering Provisioner/Hermit in the Glacier
Burnt Stuff
Mammouth Steak
The Demon Merchant in the Catacombs
Atlantean Treats
Dark Chocolate
Golden Apples
Yellow Snow Cones
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