Forge Combos

For lack of putting anything anywhere. Here is where this will go:

  • Shillatown Forge -> Anything up to Mythril (T1-T18)
  • Draconian Forge -> Mythril items (T19-20) can be forged here.
  • Volcano Forge -> Bottom of Volcano, use teleport to get there, let map cycle to other bottom, then go further down. Weapon enchantments for weapons T10-T19 will be used here.
  • Old Towne Forge -> T20 enchantments, T21 and T22 weapons forged here.
  • New Shillatown Forge -> only here for Forge Food and Forge Armor trials
  • Hellpit Forge -> T21 and T22 enchantments.

Important Info:

All combos up to T19 should be included in this table.

T19 through T22 have a 50% probability of having one item changed in the food, gem, or misc category when the item is forged by somebody else. The weapon and armor will stay the same.

Forge Armor(19-20) and Forge Food(21-22) can help narrow down the possibilities to finding the combos.

19 will always use a form of Mythril, 20 will use Supreme Mythril, 21 will need a variation of 1 Stat Elite T6 armor, 22 will be a 2 stat elite T6 armor.

So if any newer item combo is listed in it's entirety, it may be slightly incorrect for the above reasons.

Good Luck!

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Click here for a great list of ways to help DrSatan316 and BP find more of the unknown mage weapon combos. There are many.

Elemental Alignment does not affect any new forges.

Click here to go to the main weapon page for information on requirements and amount of damage.

Extra Special Thanks to DrSatan316 for all his hard work getting many, many, many of these forges!

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