Forge Combos

Important Info:

All combos up to T19 should be included in this table.

T20 and up has been decided by me and others to not be publicly released in the wiki.

T20 can be solved by using the item 'forge armor' that is able to be bought in the new Shillatown area. I believe the item can be dropped as well.

T21 and possibly T22 can be solved by using the 'Forge food' item that also can be bought/found in the same way.

Forge Armor and Forge Food work in that if you use it with a combination of the other 4 items in the forge, it will tell you by how many blinks, if the items you are using are correct. If it blinks 4 times, you have all the correct items minus either the armor or food.

It is very trial and error, but the fun is in the research.

However, I can not stop anyone from telling anybody else anything outside of the website. So if you know and want to tell someone, be my guest.

Good Luck!


(note I wouldn't say this if it wasn't solvable…. it really isn't that hard. You just need a decent amount of money and some basic detective skills.)

Aa here…. I have locked this page to prevent the combos from being added. I feel, until overruled by those of you who play the game, that few things remain that can be considered milestones after beating the Warlock. Finding the T20 combos should be one of them. If enough people disagree I will unlock the page. As mentioned above by Bp, feel free to share the combos if you wish to do so either in chat or by Discord.

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Elemental Alignment does not affect any new forges.

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Extra Special Thanks to DrSatan316 for all his hard work getting many, many, many of these forges!

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