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So where are we right now? well, we have goten our hands of a version of the game. (i might go behind the others back when writing this and using the word -we-, but i wanted this out there for thos that still comes along now and then to see that things are advancing and the possability to bring a version of Shilla back has never bin more real then it is atm. If it works out or no is another question, but atm the long lived dream to bring Shilla back might not be just a dream anymore!)

Game codes, some backups that we don't know what it really is and well a full working version of the game it looks like, im not a coder so i can't tell for shure, but still.
The game itself might not have much in it other then a few areas, mobs and items, if it is TheDarkTraveler version then it has a great in-game tool for admins/mods to create areas, mobs, items and forges pretty easy.

So atm we are missing someone with experience with coding that can take a deeper check and tell us if it is the complete game or not, but im 99% shure it is by looking at what we got.
And so to get the game on a server/host to bring it up and see what is actually there and then well, we take it from there

Hope the others on discord don't take offence from me writing this, but i think that everyone that has once loved the game and still check in here from time to time might want to know that things are not as dead as this forum might seem from time to time.
the discord channel we have is alive, and if someone wants in to Magicasts discord server where we are trying to get things done feel free to send me a message or join

So where are we right now? by BoredJediBoredJedi, 02 Jul 2019 12:13
ZeeQuill (guest) 10 May 2019 13:49
in discussion Shilla Thoughts and Memories / Player Thoughts » Remaking shilla?

I actually helped on thedarktravler version of it. But unfortunately the guy i was helping didn't get the base code from the original creator so there was no way to add alot of the mechanics to the game so it kinda died. if you have some of the original info i would love that information so maybe it can be recreated and possibly into a mobile version since times have changed but trying to keep it as original as possible.

by ZeeQuill (guest), 10 May 2019 13:49
TheWalkingDude (guest) 29 Apr 2019 23:01
in discussion Shilla Thoughts and Memories / Player Thoughts » Remaking shilla?

I'll check it out

by TheWalkingDude (guest), 29 Apr 2019 23:01
magicast (guest) 22 Apr 2019 01:11
in discussion Shilla Thoughts and Memories / Player Thoughts » Remaking shilla?

its the same as normal discord it just won't let me post links in the post :( discord. gg/ *what i posted above

by magicast (guest), 22 Apr 2019 01:11

Just checking back in, an would love to see the game remade, I didn't see the first half of the discord link

Re: Remaking shilla? by TheWalkingDudeTheWalkingDude, 10 Apr 2019 22:02

I just made a discord for people to talk about shilla and maybe even work on the remake! Friend and i just remembered we helped work on the last version and actually got sent a bunch of info about the game. We have all the pictures and he has way more stuff than i even know to understand lol. Here is the last part to the discord link since it won't actually let me post links. If you still can't get it just let me know


Re: Remaking shilla? by MagiccastMagiccast, 08 Apr 2019 11:56
Jedi_Bored (guest) 17 Mar 2019 14:00
in discussion Shilla Thoughts and Memories / Player Thoughts » Remaking shilla?

sry for spelling and weird sentences, currently got a massive mancold that turned into a big pile of inflammation everywhere.
hard to keep head and mind in check to spell correctly :P

by Jedi_Bored (guest), 17 Mar 2019 14:00
Jedi_Bored (guest) 17 Mar 2019 13:59
in discussion Shilla Thoughts and Memories / Player Thoughts » Remaking shilla?

i wish someone had the old tool or the tool from the last remade version was was up with mount olympus.
then i could kinda easily re-make shilla, but sadly those that made the tools that where around did not want any1 to get theire hands on em.

and rather kept it for themselfs and let the remake versions die, then giving the tools needed to those that wanted to try and keep it alive :(

i remember one that made a revamped version of shilla… umm.. i think the name for the best try for a remake version was like wich had a creator that worked on the SwToR game.
wich in the end saddly took all his time so he had to stop and the game died, i wonder why ppl like that dont give the tools and "power" to those that wants to keep the game alive.. rather then letting the game and knowledge dissapear :/

by Jedi_Bored (guest), 17 Mar 2019 13:59
Magicast (guest) 26 Feb 2019 06:05
in discussion Shilla Thoughts and Memories / Player Thoughts » Remaking shilla?

Would also be very curious and i know at least 2 close friends that would be very interested in it too :D

by Magicast (guest), 26 Feb 2019 06:05
Magicast (guest) 26 Feb 2019 06:04
in discussion Shilla Thoughts and Memories / Player Thoughts » Question ...

If you do decide to start working on a remake of it and in need of a tester i would totally help :D Really looking forward to what if/what you create and trying it out. I miss Shilla soooo much lol

by Magicast (guest), 26 Feb 2019 06:04

BP - i sent an email to you on the email you have listed on this site, do you still check that occasionally?

I do have some questions and I think it mostly may be obvious stuff i'm overlooking.

If you're willing to help, i'd really appreciate it.

Re: Question ... by AekaschaAekascha, 20 Feb 2019 04:59

That's a shame :(

Re: Question ... by AekaschaAekascha, 17 Feb 2019 03:05

Melkor is either dead or so far removed from life that he'll never be found.

At least thats the theory we ended up working with a decade ago when he gave up talk about his version of the game.

Re: Question ... by BizarroBizarro, 09 Feb 2019 01:36

If anyone had an opinion on how the game was "re-made" … would it be a 1:1 relaunch of the original as close as possible? Or maybe something similar improved upon if I'm able …

I'm currently working on building an engine, and am coming up against some missing details (no knocks against the wonderful work these guys did on the help sites, I just remember how secretive we were as admins) and am having to decide if I'm willing to get creative and come out with something slightly different than the original. As I read more and more I see how much more complicated they made the game since I stopped working on it.

I know there appears to be (by reading this forum) several attempts made and gone stagnant … so I won't give any promises, but I'm very interested in trying. I really did love and enjoy this game for a long time, and I'd like to try to do it some justice.


Re: Question ... by AekaschaAekascha, 04 Feb 2019 00:29

Does anyone that might still be lurking around here happen to know anyway of getting in touch with Melkor?

I have a few … questions … for a research paper I'm writing … o_o;


Question ... by AekaschaAekascha, 31 Jan 2019 03:57

Very nice! I wish I had finished my degree. I did pretty much the same thing … it was boring and i'd rather have played games.
I can appreciate how difficult it would be to get back into it … I have tried a few times and have not been successful.


Hey, BP here. I don't visit here as much but I still do, I still appreciate anyone and everyone who visits, and leaves their 2 cents behind.

My life:

I went back to school. Yep, 33 year old Kyle is back in school. Same place where 20 year old Kyle dropped all his classes, never shown up, and played Shilla. Yeah… not the greatest times and nothing I'm too proud of.

But I just finished my 1st semester with straight A's. Hell yeah!

Goal is to finish the rest of the 2 year program in 1(including summer classes) by the end of the year. That'll be my 2 year degree.
I would like to transfer to a 4 year college but time/money/etc… may change my mind but that is the goal.

This takes up a huge amount of time plus 40 hour work weeks, social life with wife, 2 cats, dog, etc… I'm a busy person.

I hope everyone has a great 2019! I'm sure I'll find time now and then to visit and see if anything or anyone thinks of Shilla.


I guess it's now a decade.... by BizarroBizarro, 28 Jan 2019 05:51

Hey Mikya! I remember you. Glad you came by and yeah, it's crazy its been 10 years now…. real crazy.

Re: 10 years by BizarroBizarro, 28 Jan 2019 05:43

Nobody would stop you. If things make progress please share. I'd be curious to look at it at least.

Re: Remaking shilla? by BizarroBizarro, 28 Jan 2019 05:42

Thank you for creating such an awesome game!

I would like to think for a few of us, this game changed our lives in one way or another.

Nice to see you find this site and it just shows to me how important it is to keep this thing going.

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