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I must say it touches me that anyone remembers this game. I am sure many of you have many long ago memories about what Shilla was and how it fit into your life. I am deeply touched by that. The reason it hits me so is that I am the original creator of the game. Yes, way back day one, I developed the first bit of code. I believe the first time the game went live was 1994. It started to really pick up in 1995 when users of WebTV (MSN TV) started playing. It was one of the few games they could play with the design of the WebTV.

It is interesting to read about your stories over the years as all of us, including me, had moved through life and spent a bit of time with Shilla. Thank you for that!

I have been contemplating trying to recreate it. I don't have any of the original source code but was going to start doing what I can from things I could remember and from info on the help site. I'm almost done with my software development degree and keep thinking of making it a focus soon.

bring it back by Rebecca DannarRebecca Dannar, 23 Apr 2018 04:54
Magicast (guest) 20 Oct 2017 06:21
in discussion Shilla Thoughts and Memories / Player Thoughts » 8 Years Huh...?

Yeah i have been hoping to be able to find someone that would actually have the the source of the old game. I have a friend that would possibly be interested in bringing it back when he finishes school and i know i would really love to play the game again.

by Magicast (guest), 20 Oct 2017 06:21

I needed to use an actual computer for something today and I was like…. this seems to be the time where Shilla died…. and yeah, I was right.

I can't believe it's been 8 years.

I still miss it for some reason I just can't explain. Even though I'd never play it again… I just miss the past.

Real life aside… I'm married and we own a house. I guess that makes me grown up huh?

The wedding was great, and I had invited a few Shilla players… AA and Loco made it, Blink and Nappa couldn't. Napp… we still need to find a time in life to meet up. Blink… I'm sure down the road we'll get together.

Guess there really isn't a whole lot to say…. but I'll keep this site around always until they take it away from me, so I hope we keep getting the random people saying hi from time to time.

Maybe one day it'll come back again…


8 Years Huh...? by BizarroBizarro, 07 Sep 2017 05:26

Not sure what made me think of shilla today, but I decided to do a Google search and came across this thread. I played the game in highschool and spent many many hours playing. It was a great game had a lot of fun playing it. I played the old shilla as Blacklabel.

by Adio (guest), 25 Aug 2017 23:40

well i played shilla many years ago……was and is my favorite game. if it was still around i would play it again. my name was possibly "stoner" but i cant even remember what i was called lol

i do remember being part of a group "alliance" called "we are shilla players….or WASP's"

great memories of this game :D

by improve (guest), 10 Feb 2017 22:05

Checking to see if a shilla community still exists and found this. Glad others have fond memories as well

by Bambino (guest), 23 Dec 2016 21:21

I played shilla in the 90s on WebTV, for years… found a game just recently that's really similar check it out if you guys want theres screenshots on the website just wanted to let everyone know… I'm killa in the game if anyone finds their way there from shilla msg me lol

game like shilla by brad (guest), 30 Nov 2016 08:05
brad (guest) 30 Nov 2016 08:02
in discussion Shilla Thoughts and Memories / Player Thoughts » So ... wow.

I played late 90s, WebTV days lol…

found a game recently is a lot like shilla

should give that old feel, I'm killa in game if anyone finds themselves there shoot me a msg

by brad (guest), 30 Nov 2016 08:02

I'm killa in the game if anyone should find their way there hmu lol

by brad (guest), 30 Nov 2016 07:59

yo old shilla player here haha late 90s…. was just thinkin bout this shit too.

got a game check it out its like shilla!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by brad (guest), 30 Nov 2016 07:58
Magicast (guest) 10 Nov 2016 01:48
in discussion Shilla Thoughts and Memories / Player Thoughts » Somehow we live on...

Yeah I really hope someone contacts you to recreate it! If i knew anything about coding i would but sadly i know nothing lol. But i will still check these forums out every once in a while in the hopes of it coming back. Jkiller was working on something with it for a while but haven't heard from him :(

by Magicast (guest), 10 Nov 2016 01:48

Good evening former Shilla/Dark Traveler players.

Just popping in once again to share a quick hello. To step on my previous posts, you may remember me as Blink180dude, or Blink. I had other names which were not as popular, but during the Dark Traveler times, MediaThrall asked me to step in and help with the game design for the remake. My admin name was Chrome. I didn't stick around for more than a few months, but I was the person responsible for making the Mount Olympus area.

I come through every once in awhile and read comments left by former players, which about 85% of you I do remember (the name at least).

The last time I was here, I had offered my services on helping recreate this game, and I'd like everyone to know this offer still stands. As my programming skills are quite limited, I can only offer monetary funds to help pay for the domain, or costs associated with recreating the game.

I'm not the 12 year old smart mouth kid I used to be when I first started playing in the late 90s…and I still pop by here and the site every once in awhile to see if anything has changed. Nothing but a fool's hope I guess.

As a way to salvage the information we have, as it seems quite a bit of it is spread across all players, I'd like to see a drop box or file central of information that people can contribute to include information such as game information like what is on AA's site or even Sotrin's site… or possibly even some of the back end coding information. I have read that a few former admins do look at this page from time to time and I think it would be vital for us to have a centralized location with information that people could access, should anyone be attempting to recreate the game. Maybe just a fool's hope as well.

Anyways, I hope all is well. I recently became married, and am currently a Director of Operations in hotel management. It seems we all grow up to be something should it not be the 1300 Wall Score giant, draconian, elf, or kobold we dreamt to be.

Josh (Blink)

Somehow we live on... by Blink180dudeBlink180dude, 08 Nov 2016 00:41
Mystikari (guest) 26 Oct 2016 14:48
in discussion Shilla Thoughts and Memories / Player Thoughts » So ... wow.

Funny you mention Australia since I'm from there. Actually somehow your name (Radagast) seems familiar but I doubt I was the girl you're referring to. I can't even remember the name/s I went by back then, I was pretty young haha.

by Mystikari (guest), 26 Oct 2016 14:48

Adira and hestas did get married this year…. thanks facebook.

I remembered what hestas' name was in real life, though I had to go through Bonzo's friend list to find it exactly.

I wish I knew more about Melkor though. I really do.

And honestly, I don't really blame anyone for shilla. It was always a free game with ads and pop ups as a source of revenue. It was never a full time let's do this time of job, it was a side hobby. If hestas decided to move on and whatever, I'm okay with that.

I also do believe when Melkor said the code was deleted when they had server problems. How would I prove it differently?

Re: So ... wow. by BizarroBizarro, 13 Sep 2016 02:11 has bin up for many years now, sadly it's only a dead page.
a frontpage with nothing behind it, TwoD (the wizard of death) i think it was that bought it during the time that the shilla version with mounth olympus came ( i belive the new addy hadto be, but it's sadly gone some years ago too). TwoD was selfish and keept for himself. Even tho he didn't do anythingwith the site. Just and empty farse to get people to belive that he acctually was doing something

and when it comes to the game itself. sadly all old admins that had the codes for the game all went away and no one could be reached, nor did anyone of them answer in aim/msn/skype/fb/mail. It seemd like that they didn't want the game nor the code to keep on living.

i myself don't understand how they could just watch as 3mana version got so changed into forced mana chars, that was the killshot for the game. And sadly all you could do was to watch it crumple up and die. As before youcould choose how to play, but newer version forced you into the same kind of gameplay.

They got offered money for the older version, but stone cold no. same goes when the game finally hit the last breath and the stonewalling came towrds players and not answering anymore. No codes to share, hand over or even sell to players that wanted shilla to keep on going

Re: So ... wow. by BoredJediBoredJedi, 12 Sep 2016 10:39

No, Melkor and I didn't keep in touch. I did reach out to Hestas at one point via email after the game went offline but he never replied. I used to have his number, but that like everything else has disappeared over time. I haven't even talked to Thinkso in years … He lives like an hour away from me and I was thinking about getting back in touch with him earlier this year, life just got a little too busy.

Re: So ... wow. by AekaschaAekascha, 09 Sep 2016 17:21

Yeah, I was in GOTR for a while with Sotrin. Then I got invited to join KOTR. it's kind of hard to remember all the details, but Thinkso had a bit to do with that … When I became an admin, "Ashaint" kind of dropped of the face of the earth … So I wasn't so involved with the Clans anymore. I never felt right about being an admin and a player at the same time. Anytime I was actually playing the game it was pretty much as a tester and I would wipe the character when I was done. We generally hid those accounts from the wall too.

Re: So ... wow. by AekaschaAekascha, 09 Sep 2016 17:18

It is always nice to see a new message pop up on these old shilla helpsites. One of my great mysteries in life was "What happened to Melkor?". Any chance you know anything?


Re: So ... wow. by AlyssaaarilaxAlyssaaarilax, 09 Sep 2016 12:24 was bought by an old player…. a player I think his name there was warlock….? I can't remember anymore. It's a side hobby that I doubt will really come to fruition but it's nice to see regardless.

One thing I miss… and I believe you were in KOTR back in the day, was clans. I was in a few, and I really enjoyed the bonds I had in them.

Re: So ... wow. by BizarroBizarro, 09 Sep 2016 07:34
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