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To clarify, scrolls were like a one time use spell.

I'm not 100% sure how I want to approach this…

Currently there's a room type called ScrollsTrainingCenter … but it's actually the Spells Trainer.

Here's what I think we need:

New Item Type: SCROLL - One Time Use Scrolls, drops on Death. Can be enhanced at the scroll trainer to make it more powerful. There's currently two types, Fire Scroll & Ice Scroll and they are creature drops.

New Room Type: ScrollTrainer - see reference above, used to enhance scrolls the player currently has.

Existing Room Type: ScrollTrainingCenter - Rename to SpellTrainer and change the wording of anything "Scroll" to "Spell"

is the GraveYard type ready well enough to be used for the new Town Map?

Well before I can start I need to know how much WS for each item, or a formula

As you saw by poor Clyde. Yeah you can flood the screen with your own deaths.

Can a player have several stones here? I tend to die a lot! Or do we only mention the last death? or do only Hardcore players appear?

Exactly what we need. So who has the /kill command? =)

Sorry for the stupid URL's … I don't have enough Karma-Fu here yet to post non obfuscated URLs………..


Will probably need new views, could maybe script it so they share the same Type, but Room Data hold which Alignment the temple is for. Player Alignment also affects the color of their posts in chat.

Air, Fire, Water, Earth & Spirit (however there's no spirit temple it happens another way)



This does not seem too hard. Again no View or COntroller for it. Also no records of that data so far. Your description might help me redesign the View. But if there is anyone who would like to Design the view using PhotoShop, or just HTML, go ahead!

For this feature there exists no View (and of course no controller as well). For the Armory, Weaponry I found it rather easy to create the backend as I knew all the user inputs. So a player comes here to receive their sent items. He also sends items from here, right? I find the info quite accurate for now and will implement that on occasion. Thx

Trader Jack stores Weapons or Armor sent to you by other players or yourself.
Location: Shilla Town
Directions from Fountain: E, 2N, 4E, N

The Traders in Shilla all work on the same basic principle, they store a number of items until you wish to receive them again. When receiving an item, no matter who sent it, there will be a fee depending on the item's value. The fee is lowered by increasing charisma, but never goes below the item's base price plus a certain percentage. The Traders keep the whole fee to themselves so there's no way to "sell" items in the game for gold.

Which item a player can be sent depends on their Wall Score, better items of course require a higher WS.

Trader Jack only deals with Weapons and Armor, while Trader Bob's handles Food and Flowers and the Trinket Exchange has monopoly on Rings and Amulets.

To return to the Shillatown map page click HERE.

Need a new room view for Trader Bob's Food Exchange - no wall score restriction to send/receive food with other characters.

Directions from fountain: West, South, South, West, West, West, West, South.

Trader Bob's is a place where you can get food from other players. There is no Wall score restriction on any of it.

Mainly used for people to send food needed for certain forge combos, or rare items such as flowers and other assorted things.

To return to the Shillatown map page click HERE

Need a new view created to display the last 24 deaths in order of newest to oldest.
The original page was mocked up to look like White Tombstones that displayed the players name and how they died.

"Here Lies
Who lost his life
in battle with a Stone Crab"

Would probably work. Special messages could be set for people who drown of die of heat/cold damage.


The Graveyard shows the last 24 deaths players have made in Shilla. It's more for amusement and embarrassment then any real purpose.

It also can help tell what time you did die, for entrance purposes to Necropolis.

To return to the Shillatown map page click HERE

Need a new view created like the Wall of Flames to display only the Top Male & Female Character for each Race.

I don't have a reference for how this looked, but likely just the same as the Wall of Flames.

Test post for one.

All the food I believe is updated to the old values. We have excess food in the Database but it's irrelevant at this time that it's there. I didn't update the weight values since I find it pointless but we can always go back to it down the road.

Food - Complete by BizarroBizarro, 14 Sep 2019 19:50

Here is where we will post the following:

Things you are working on. Note this as IN PROGRESS
Things you need help with from others. HELP NEEDED
Things you need buggy to work on with code. BUGGY CODE
Things are now complete and ready to go. COMPLETED

Try and keep this on topic and concise as possible. This is meant to keep everyone on the same page going forward.

READ THIS FIRST by BizarroBizarro, 14 Sep 2019 19:36
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