The Fountain

The Fountain is found in the center of Shillatown and is the starting point for any directions given. It is where a character begins their adventuring career, where the Wise Sage is located, and where the character can sleep for free.

The Fountain is the location a character returns to after being killed and is the destination of the spell Town Portal.

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Character Quest and Kill Log

South of the Fountain you will find a page that lists all active quests that the character has, all completed quests, and the number and type of creatures the character has killed. The later is useful when working on various Specialty Guild quests requiring large numbers of certain creatures killed.

Character Inventory

North of the Fountain you will find a page that lists by type all the possessions carried by your character, including Keys and Trunks. You can discard items by stacks (more than one of the same item) or by individual items.

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