Gems are found throughout the world of Shilla. They are used in Forge's, Residences, and Weapon Enchantments. There are 37 total. Some of them are in more than one place, but for simplicity's sake we try to list the easiest way to find them.
Gem Location(earliest/easiest) How to Get
Agate Dungeon of The Lost Souls Mining
Amethyst Volcano Mining
Aqua Crystal Ogre Cave Mining
Aqua Sapphire Glacier Sapphire Golem
Azure Diamond Deep Dark Forest Azure Golem
Black Crystal Ogre Cave Mining
Black Obsidian Vast Desert Obsidian Golem
Black Pearl Dwarven Stronghold Mining
Blighted Crystal Ogre Cave Mining
Bloodstone Dungeon of The Lost Souls Mining
Corundum Dungeon of The Lost Souls Mining
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