General Tips

This page basically tells you a list of things to do and/or not to do in order to be a good player in Shilla. It really isn't listed in any order at the moment, but eventually it will be classified in better categories.

Avoiding Death

  • Don't die.
    • Fight in areas that you can kill in 1 round or at most 2. If you can't kill monster in the 1st round, at least if you hit the all out attack button, the 2nd round will kill the monster, and you do not die.
    • Always use Consider. If it ever at any point tells you to run, you are running a risk of death. Most Consider Values are listed in this site and probably other sites, if you want to research it ahead of time.Consider in the new version runs battle simulations, you may need to click consider at least 20 times to fully find the answer you are looking for.
    • Know your surroundings. Dark places require light. The Ocean requires a Mermaid Scale. Necropolis requires an Invisibility Ring or Master Braceletnot believed to be in current version as of this writing to enter. Other Villages require set requirements to meet. Figuring those out ahead of time saves you a possible sudden death you never expected.
    • Use all your defensive spells possible, Bedazzle, Magic Shield, Energy Shield, and Mana Barrier. Note the last 2 are mage only spells, but if you know a mage, they can cast them on you.These are only mage spells now, fighters and thieves will not have any of these bonuses, therefore this section is no longer relevant to them.
    • Don't give up when you die. Learn from it and ask for help in getting back on your feet. 99% of the people who play shilla will help. Death in shilla is suppose to suck. It's part of the game.


  • Training
    • Get enough experience for 1 attack in the very beginning before cashing in. Eventually, you'll feel like you want 2 attacks to make a difference in training. After a while, you'll get the hang of how to train.
    • Get your primary fighting stats up first, and when you feel you need things like Wisdom to Teleport places, or Intelligence to see the next area, then train those. Charisma can come last, when you feel you need to reduce your costs down. If you're a mage, then you want to train your life to a point where you can feel you can barely survive an attack, at least until you pick up defensive spells.
    • Train in places where you can kill in 1-round, while attacking with a weapon that uses 1 fat per attack. It's the most efficient. If you're trying to kill things but using 2-3 fat per attack, you'll be healing way faster then you need to, and slowing down your efforts. Stick to 1-round/1 fat per attack.
    • Use the Training Progression Guide to figure out your next training area. Thanks, Spiderman.
    • A trick to see if its time to move to the next area… train there for 5 minutes and write down how much experience you get. Then go back and train one area down for 5 minutes and compare the amount of experience you gained. You might be surprised how much time you spend eating compared to a small increase in experience per creature.


  • Spending and Earning Money
    • Spend Money on necessary upgrades. Things like Lightening Ring's, Green Ring's, Village Armor, things that can make you stronger, add stats, train quicker, etc.. so that you can make more money.
    • Don't buy non stat increasing armor. Why? You're going to take hits about 1% of your Shilla career. So, spending money on armor for the rare things you'll encounter doesn't help. You'll get Green Armor on your own , and eventually move up to Pearl on your own. Red isn't worth it, Aqua isn't either.
    • Don't buy weapons. Why? Shilla has a forge system. Take advantage of it. Forging is free. Asking for certain weapons dents your bank account. It may seem like it works in the short term, but long term, you could have had that 400 Dex from the Elven Boots and Elven Cloak. 20 attacks is usually more than enough to jump a character to the next training area, which equals more gold. The admins changed weapon drops and forges, still believe the best way to get weapons is by forging, not buying.
    • Pick up weapon drops. Why? It's free money. But, don't pick up any other drops. They are not worth the money. Only things really worth the money are weapon drops, and Mythril Armor. Everything else probably nets you like 1/10th to 1/40th the gold of an average kill in the area that you may be training in.If your training, in this version items stay on the ground for a little while. May be more incentive to pick them up in groups of 10-20. Also can now sell food for a small amount… probably not worth it, but any bit may help.
    • Bank often. In case the unexpected happens.


  • Miscellaneous Tibits
    • Join a guild when you can. Nothing bad can happen, just good things by joining one. You can upgrade your efficiency with a weapon at the very least, and Mages and Fighters can upgrade their base attack power. Thieves are down the middle, but can use a Dagger better then most. Fighters upgrade damage, Mages have spells, Thieves seem to focus on Accuracy Bonuses
    • Train with the idea of Dex at a ratio of 3:2:2 of Str and Con. So 3000 Dex, and 2000 Str and 2000 Con. Same for Mages, Int 3000, Wis 2000 and Chr 2000. This seems to be the efficient way of getting the most of out of your experience and achieving the greatest damage.
    • Try to be helpful to others and at the same time help yourself too. Shilla isn't exactly the place it was 5 years ago, or even 2. Chat doesn't move 24 hours a day. There may be times you're the only one on. If you can't help yourself, send a message at the Courier in Shillatown to Bp or Alyssa_aarilax. We probably can help you out.These days, you're kind of on your own, nobody can afford to buy things themselves, let alone send items. Food, yes, village armor, no.

That is all I can think of, if anyone else has anything to add, please feel free to add to it. Thanks.

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