The Glacier is a vast area in Shilla north of the Great Plains that is home to the Ice Palace, as well as being a vast area that only the Pyramid can rival in extensiveness.

The Glacier requires an Intelligence of 666, 740, or 814 depending on your race to enter.

There are so many things to explain here that it may take a while. But here it goes:

Getting to the Glacier

The quickest way to the Glacier is by using the Vast Valley entrance teleport location, then walking southeast and east to the entrance of the Great Plains. From there its a quick north, east/west, and south to put you on one of the three spots where the entrance to the Glacier can appear. I recommend moving to the east to avoid accidently entering the Halfling Shire and having to repeat the above process.


There are 10 different "areas" within the Glacier to train, with 2 creatures per area. There are few areas here that can be skipped, depending on your alignment, but for the most part each area will be trained in extensively. Creature information is shown below in the Quick Look table. You will train in the Glacier after working your way through the Pyramid and before heading to either the Ice Palace, Atlantis, or the Catacombs.

Dropped Items

There are a ton of useful items to find from creatures here. In no particular order, you can find a Ring of the Black Mage, Ring of the White Mage, Shaman Talisman, Ice Ring, Ice Bracelet, Ice Amulet, Raw Imp, Mythril Armor, Frozen Ring, and a Bear Tooth.


There is a Hermit in the Glacier that sells some food. I've always found the Nectar to be a good buy, but really any of it is a good buy for training/healing. I'd take advantage of his sales.

Sapphire Golem and Blue Slime

The Sapphire Golem is located in the 2 Northeast spaces above the main 6-way. The Blue Slime is in the 2 spot area with the Viking Creature Group.

Quick Look

Name Alignment Armor Attacks Drop Life Max Hit
Penguin Water 15% 2 White/Black Mage Ring 11,000,000 24,000
Sea Lion Water 20% 2 None 10,500,000 22,400
Neanderthal with Club None 10% 1 None 11,000,000 25,300
Neanderthal with Spear None 10% 1 Shaman Talisman 10,500,000 24,450
Viking Horde Air 30% 4 None 10,500,000 Need Number
Viking Warrior Air 30% 1 None 11,000,000 Need Number
Mammoth Earth 25% 2 None 11,500,000 26,400
Sabertooth Tiger Earth 25% 2 Raw Imp 12,000,000 27,800
Walrus Water 25% 3 None 12,500,000 Need Number
Polarbear Water 25% 2 Bear Tooth 13,000,000 Need Number
Pirate Captain Earth 30% 1 None 12,000,000 31,250
Pirate Crew Earth 30% 4 None 12,500,000 31,900
Yeti Earth 15% 2 None 12,000,000 31,800
Winged Ice Serpant Air 15% 2 Raw Imp 12,525,000 32,450
Blue Dragon Air 30% 2 Raw Imp 12,515,000 33,100
Ice Demon Fire 30% 2 Frozen Ring 13,000,000 33,750
Balder Air 30% 1 Ice Ring 13,215,000 33,600
Loki Air 30% 1 Ice Bracelet 13,500,000 34,250
Thor Air 35% 1 Ice Amulet 13,300,000 34,900
Odin Air 40% 1 Mythril Armor 12,300,000 35,500
Blue Slime None 80% 1 Aqua Pixie Dust 25,000,000 32,000
Sapphire Golem None 50% 1 Aqua Sapphire 25,000,000 32,000

Directions to the "Good Stuff"

I will be making the map as easy to read as possible, but moving around this area that way would still be difficult. Hence the following list of quick directions. The first step in all of them is to get to the 6-way by traveling north six times. After reaching this spot follow the directions for each of the following destinations.

Sapphire Golems for the Aqua Sapphire gem

At the 6-way go NE. That spot and also the spot to the NE are where the Sapphire Golem lives.

Blue Slimes for Aqua Pixie Dust

At the 6-way go NW two times, Down, NW two times, Down, N, four times, Up. The spot your on and the spot to the NW are the ones that are the home of the Blue Slime.

Polar Bears for the Bear Tooth

Simply Head west from the 6-way.

Ice Demon for Frozen Ring

At the 6-way go N five times, E two times, NE two times, N two times, NW two times, then Up.

Neanderthals with Spear for the Shaman Talisman

At the 6-way go N five times, then East.

Balder and Loki for the Ice Ring and Ice Bracelet

At the 6-way go North six times, Down two times, then Northeast.

Thor and Odin for the Ice Amulet and Mythril Armor

At the 6-way go NW two times, Down, NW two times, N four times, Up, NW, Up, NW two times, then Up.

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