Goblin Cave

The home of the Goblins, though many still reside in the Outskirts. The entrance requirements are a base skill level of 550 points + 1 point for every 10k gold you have on hand. Gold in the Bank doesn't count against you, put point in any skill do. These include skills used in cooking which can be bought two S of the Skill Trainer in Shillatown.


The Goblin Cave is located off of the Ogre Cave. From the Mountain - Ogre Cave[16] teleport location go D, W, D, E, E, D, D, W.


It has some of the typical amenities found in the other race villages, a skills total wall, a bank, and a food shop. You will also find the Hunter, Bards, and Daggermaster Specialty Guilds.

The Armor Shop only sells the Miner's Support Harness, which will raise your mining proficiency by 50%.

The Toolshop sells the Divining Rod that will raise your Treasure Hunting proficiency by 125%.

There is a spot that is labeled Goblin Bar, but it is currently a blank room.

A Cookie Monster hangs out in the Goblin Cave.

Lastly, the Skills Shop will sell you Mining, Digging, and Woodcutting skills.


The Goblin Cave has to shafts of spots where you can use your mining skill and a pickaxe. They seem to be exact clones of the ones found in the Dwarven Stronghold


Unknown information on max hit, life, etc on the Goblin Guard. They did not seem randomly aggressive like in Draconian Lair or Orc Outpost.


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