Golems and Slimes

Quick Look for Golem & Slimes

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Name Life Max Hit Drop Attacks
Emerald Golem 47500 750 Green Emerald 2
Green Slime 47500 750 Green Pixie Dust 1
Azure Golem 450000 2900 Azure Diamond 2
White Slime 450000 2900 White Pixie Dust 1
Ruby Golem 1950000 6750 Red Ruby 2
Red Slime 1950000 6750 Red Pixie Dust 1
Obsidian Golem 6500000 13500 Black Obsidian 2
Black Slime 6500000 13500 Black Pixie Dust 1
Sapphire Golem 25000000 32000 Aqua Sapphire 2
Blue Slime 25000000 32000 Aqua Pixie Dust 1

Golem & Slime Locations

Name Location
Emerald Golem Teleport to Cemetery Crypt spell location. Go East, North, and this spot and the next north above that will show the Golem.
Green Slime Teleport to Castle Entrance spell location. Go East for one spot, and then north for the other spot.
Azure Golem Teleport to deep-dark-forest spell location. Keep walking south til you get to the dead end. This spot and the one before that are where they show.
White Slime Teleport to Dark Forest Food Shop spell location. Walk south to the dead end. The last three spots in the Dark Forest are where they will show.
Ruby Golem 1st Floor Sky Castle, the NE and SE corners.
Red Slime 1st Floor Sky Castle. the NW and SW corners.
Obsidian Golem Vast Desert, on the spots that lead to the Southwest & Southeast Oasis. May take some time to find without a compass.
Black Slime Vast Desert, on the spots that lead to the Northwest & Northeast Oasis. May take some time to find without a compass.
Sapphire Golem Glacier, Northeast of 6-way. Both the 1st and 2nd spot(where the link goes down as well).
Blue Slime Glacier, From 6-way: NW, NW, D, NW, NW, N, N, N, N, Up. Its this spot and the NW next to it.

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