Great Plains

Great Plains

The Great Plains is the training area for characters after the Sky Castle and before moving on to the upper sections of the Volcano. It has excellent available food, Sticky Fluid, and three creature groups to train upon.

Getting There and Getting In

It is located north of the Vast Valley and south of the Glacier and is home to the Halfling Shire

The Great Plains requires an Intelligence of 396, 410, or 451 depending on your race to enter. The Plains teleport will take you randomly to one of five locations in the center of this area. The area can also be reached by walking through the Outskirts, then the Vast Valley. You can also use the Vast Valley teleport location and head southeast then east or the Mountain entrance teleport location and head north and then west.


This area is home to several important creatures. Randomly found is Selena who drops the Ornate Fascia and whose location changes every hour. The Death Angel's Well is also found in the Great Plains and it's location also randomly changes every hour.

Other creatures, divided into three groups, call the Great Plains home as well. In the first group we have the Baboon, Wolf, and White Hawk. The second group contains the Cougar, Jaguar, and the Great Tiger. The strongest group has the Killer Wolf, Tiger, and Rhino.

Quick Look

Name Alignment Armor Attacks Drop Life Max Hit Location
Baboon Earth 10% 2 None 800,000 5,000 Northern Section
Wolf Earth 10% 2 None 820,000 5,400 Northern Section
White Hawk Air 5% 2 Sticky Fluid 840,000 6,000 Northern Section
Cougar Earth 10% 2 None 890,000 6,150 Southern Section
Jaguar Earth 10% 2 None 900,000 6,350 Southern Section
Great Tiger Earth 10% 2 970,000 7,800 Middle Section
Killer Wolf Earth 10% 2 990,000 7,400 Middle Section
Tiger Earth 10% 2 920,000 6,800 Southern Section
Rhino Earth 15% 1 Rhino Horn 950,000 8,400 Middle Section
Death Angel Fire 20% 1 Fire Scrolls 1,600,000 9,000 The Well
Selena Fire 10% 1 Ornate Fascia 2,750,000 8,000 Random




G — One of the random locations for the North to Glacier
V — South to Vast Valley
T — One of the random destinations for the Plains Teleport spell
Blue Spots — 1st Creature Group
Red Spots — 2nd Creature Group
Yellow Spots — 3rd Creature Group

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