Green Scale

Green Scale Armor is dropped by 2 monsters: The Hydra and the Dead Knight.

Most people just obtain this armor by defeating the Hydra and Dead Knight, seeing it as a goal after the Freeing the King quest. It's not worth buying from Trader Jack's. It's not really an excellent source of protection, but it is free so it is better then nothing.

The armor gets used in various low level weapon combos. Also, the EFS is used in the Green Bracelet combo.

Name Location Protection Used in what Weapon Combo?
Gold Crown Hydra 12 Iron Baton
Green Scale Neckband Hydra 12 Sword of Darkness
Green Scale Mail Hydra 12 Dagger of the Night
Green Scale Leggings Hydra 12 Morning Star
Green Scale Boots Hydra 12 Superior Jeweled Battle Axe
Green Scale Gauntlets Hydra 12 Staff of Eternity
Emerald Fire Shield Dead Knight 12 Bulls Eye Daggers

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