Group Kill


The first group kill was introduced on Thanksgiving, November 22nd, 2007. The idea behind the "Group Kill Creature" is to have fun. The experience is divided among those who have caused the creature damage and is based on the total amount of damage you caused. Also, there are drops are given to the player who strikes the killing blow. There is no limit as to how many players can join in on these, and they always spawn in different areas.

Note: If you click on All Out Attack it will convert it over to a Single Attack. Also, it will not allow you to Run Away from any of the Group Kill creatures.

Also: Renting the Draining Ring does NOT work on any of the Group Kill monsters. Either does scrolling. That does 0 damage.

Holiday Group Kills

Name Starting Life Armor Location Quest Point Restriction Item Drops Appearance Date
Giant Turkey 5,000,000,000 90% Dark Forest No max QP 50 burritos Thanksgiving 2007


The Oozes were first introduced to Shilla on February 23rd, 2008. Their Max Hits are less than 5,300 points with their 2 attacks. Being able to see an Ooze depends on the number of quest points your character has. Those numbers are found in the table below. In the table, you will find the life, armor, restriction, and drops that each gives.

The Oozes now will occur once a month starting on the 17th of that month, though this isn't an automatic occurrence. Plans are in the works to make it so.

Ooze types, lifes, armor %, and max hits

As we face more of these I'll fill in more of this table. At the moment the Blighted Crystal Ooze is the only one that have max hit data for. The max hit was calculated by adding the highest hit I saw + what my armor absorbs. I then rounded up to the nearest hundred.

Name Starting Life Armor Max Hit
Ice Crystal Ooze 110,000,000,000 75% N/A
Foul Crystal Ooze 34,800,000,000 70% N/A
Blood Crystal Ooze 5,775,000,000 65% N/A
Blighted Crystal Ooze 122,000,000 60% 200
Forest Crystal Ooze 30,000,000 55% N/A

Locations, Quest Point Restrictions, and Drops

Name Location Quest Point Restriction Item Drops (rough estimates)
Ice Crystal Ooze Orc Outpost No Max QP Random amounts of EoR's, Mithril Helms, Aqua Pixie Dust, Aqua Sapphire, and Burritos
Foul Crystal Ooze Great Plains(Bottom of Well) Less than 426QP Random amounts of Burritos, Iron Rations, Guard Snacks, Whale Meat, Shark Meat, and Nanners, Black Obsidians, and Black Dust
Blood Crystal Ooze Eastern Dungeon Cells Less than 301QP Random amounts of Red Ruby, Red Dust, Nightmist rings, and Maji Ward
Blighted Crystal Ooze Cemetery Less than 176QP Random amounts of Azure Diamond, White Dust, and Random Village Armor
Forest Crystal Ooze Vast Valley Less than 101QP Random amounts of Green Dust, Green Emeralds, and Red Wine

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