Main Gameplay Guides

Explanations Screenshot with brief description of what certain things do in game.
Summary of Changes from Old Shilla If you played Shilla before 2007, this game has numerous changes you may want to read up on before playing.
Beginner's Guide Guide written by BP(With AA sidenotes) on how to start your journey in Shilla.
Intermediate Guide Guide written by AA on how to go a little further in the game.
Bp's Beginner Mage Guide Bp's guide on how to play the Mage Guild.
Beginner's Mage Guide Becca's guide on how to play the Mage Guild. Written before some changes were made, still can be informational.
Intermediate Mage Guide Advanced guide by Becca on the Mage Guild. May be out of date in some aspects, so read at your own risk.
Shilla Bay and Beyond Guide Guide written about the new gameplay mechanic, sailing. Also details other aspects, ship combat, newer areas, etc…
I've Killed the Warlock... Now what? You beat the Warlock, or did you? Heres what you can expect to do next.

Other Gameplay Guides

Gold Making Guide  Somewhat old, mainly before 2007 gameplay. Couple newer hints provided.
Residences  You want to own your own house? Here's what you need to know about this gameplay mechanic.
Treasure Hunting Guide  Treasure Hunting? Fools Gold? Find out more with this guide.
Alignment Guide  Need help with alignments? Check out our guide here.
Race Tier List by Guild  You know, who doesn't want to be the best in the game? Find out what some opinions are on the 'best'.
Weapon Guide  Something AA worked out here and there, interesting read.
Training Progression Guide  You want to know the average exp/gold per kill in a zone, want to see how fast you can go? Check here.
Enchanting a Weapon Guide  Newer mechanic on how to get those nice bonuses on your weapons.
Creature Class  Did you know a dagger does 10% more damage to animal creature? I didn't. Find out more fun things here.
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