The Main Guilds are a way for your character to begin the process of becoming more specialized or focused in the game of Shilla. All three of the Main Guilds require that you have Cleared the Beach prior to joining. This is what the game means by having someone of good standing vouch for you. There are three Main Guilds and each has different requirements, bonuses, and penalties.

The Fighters Guild, by far the most popular, will increase your weapon damage. The Mages Guild will increase your attack spell damage, but by joining them you'll totally lose your Grope damage. Lastly there is the Thieves Guild which will increase your weapon accuracy.

The locations of each of the Main Guilds can be found on the Shillatown map.

Once you have chosen a guild then you begin the process of advancing in ranks, this is called getting a promotion. There are two steps to gaining a promotion. First you must meet a statistic requirement. To advance in the Fighters Guild you must have certain amount of Life. The Mages Guild requires a certain amount of Mana. While the Thieves Guild requires Fatigue. The chart below shows the exact amount required. Once your character meets this statistic requirement then you will be given a quest. Upon completion of the quest your character will receive the promotion.

Once you have joined any of the Main Guilds, you'll be able to join any of its Specialty Guilds, catered to each Weapon types and Spell elements.

More detailed information on each of the Main Guilds can be found by clicking on one of the names below.

Quest Order Life/Mana/Fatigue
Quest 1 Start
Quest 2 1000
Quest 3 2000
Quest 4 3000
Quest 5 5000
Quest 6 7000
Quest 7 10000
Quest 8 15000
Quest 9 25000
Quest 10 40000
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