Halfling Shire

Halfling Shire is the home of the Halflings and reside in the Great Plains. They generally are a peaceful race, but do not like people who do no enjoy a variety of food or who are too ambitious.

Finding their home is pretty easy. From the Great Plains' teleport spot, just go North twice and the Shire entrance will be to the West.

So basically to avoid being attacked you want to have

  1. As few Quest Points as possible and/or
  2. As many different foods as possible.

The amount in 2 generally goes up with 1… so eventually you'll want as many as over 15 foods. Though if you have a seriously high Magic Shield, you can tend to shrug their attacks off like nothing.

When you walk in, its pretty uneventful until you get at the 6 way in the middle.

  • If you go Northeast, you will run into a Food Shop, and if your a member of the Thieves Guild, you can join the Daggermaster guild.
  • Going Southwest takes you towards the Trinket Exchange, where you can send and receive amulets and rings.


A — Armor Shop
D — Dagger Guild (Thieves Only)
B — Bank
1 — Tenderleaf's Bar/Food Shop
2 — Rivertoe's Bakery/Food Shop
T — Trinket (Amulet and Ring Exchange/Storage)
3 — Amulet Shop
C — Courier Corp
(New) The Weapon Shop is at the end of the main west-east path.

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