Hall Of Fame

After the success of Naked Grope to the King, we began thinking and discussing different events and contests. Below is the rough draft of some of my thoughts.

The Ideas


These are timed events. While I enjoyed everyone doing them at the same time, it excluded people who might have wanted to participate but couldn’t because of real life obligations. Other difficulties arose because of time zone differences as well. To resolve these issues I’ve looked to create races that can be done when players have time to do them, are short enough to be done in a reasonable time, and are repeatable. I’ve also thought about races that can be done where a character’s ws level isn’t enough of a factor that it would be an advantage.

New Character Contests

  1. Smoke up, Johnny! - Fastest to 420 wall score
  2. Satan’s Disciple - Fastest to 666 wall score
  3. Butter Sauce - Fastest to 1 hit (not 1 round) the Crab Lord
  4. The Shive - Fastest to 1 hit a Convict

Any Character Level Contests

  1. Silver to Gold - Fastest to +1m gold on Silver Armor in Drakmor Castle
  2. Hydra Financial Solution - Fastest to +5m gold on Hyrdaplate on the Hydra
  3. Battle at the Beach, Outing at the Outskirts, Victory in the Vast Valley… etc - Fastest to +x experience in a specific area
  4. Crab Crushing, Sewer Rat Stomping, Blob Bouncing… etc - Fastest to kill x number of a specific creature
  5. Peezza the Hut, Punch Drunk Love, An Ugly Christmas… etc - Fastest to collect x number of a specific food
  6. Food Pyramid - Fast to collect the exact number of the following food: 1 Elixir, 2 Gold Cigars, 4 Red Wines, 6 Sparkling Silvers, 10 Magic Waters, 15 Troll Noggs, 20 Ogre Pound Cakes, 30 Pegasus Wings, 40 Hydra Flanks, 50 Fishtails, 60 Cooked Meats, 70 Dehydrated Druids, 80 Zombie Punches, 90 Peezzas, 100 Spice Bat Wings, 150 Crab Legs
  7. Fetch me a XXXX! - First person to start at the fountain, fetch all the ingredients for a forge, create the item, and return to the fountain.
  8. Boy, Am I Bored! - Two or more players meet at an active Bored Guard location. When all participants indicate they are ready and have the quest active in their quest logs a neutral player says "Go!" in chat. First to complete the quest wins! Results will be saved over time or even a double elimination tournament over a period of time.
  9. Hungry, Hungry Hippo - Same as above but with Cookie Monster. Requested food must be gathered vs already owned or bought.
  10. Pass the Torch - Teams of two are required. The first item to be collected is determined as a collective. After that the first team to return and send the item to their partner determines the next item, and so forth until all the teams have collected and sent items. Winner is the partner group receiving the last sent item


Timed events are fun, but some contest ideas would take too long to complete. By adding “lowest wall score” as criteria it adds strategy and eliminates the timed factor. Here are some of the challenge ideas for a future Hall of Fame page.

  1. Lowest Wall Score to Rescue the King, Rescue the Master Druid, or any of other quests in the game by a group of races, by a certain weapon, or by a fighter, thief, or mage.
  2. Lowest Wall Score to Kill a Green Slime, Emerald Golem, White Slime, etc
  3. Lowest Wall Score to Kill the Outlaw #1, Forest Crystal Ooze, etc on your own
  4. Lowest Wall Score to Kill Limbo Keeper
  5. Lowest Wall Score to bank 1.69m, 5m, etc gold


These would require players to be present as a group. Basically, just fun diversions from grinding.

  1. Hide and Seek - Either restricting by area or by group of areas where players could hide
  2. There and Back - First to collect a specific item and return to the Fountain. Further restriction could be no teleporting

The Hall

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