Haunted Islands

The Haunted Islands are the area created after Shilla Bay. It is located NW from the (-14, -14) coordinates in the Open Sea and therefore requires the Quest Item|Sextant to access the area. No other backdoors, like the one found on Footface Island, are known to exist. Return to Haunted Island teleport scrolls are infrequent drops by all the creatures that reside here.

The area is comprised of a series of islands, all but two of which can be accessed from the sea spots. Groups of Reefs containing Undead Sailors, Undead Captains, and Skeletal Overlords are located randomly in the area and don't require you leaving your vessel to fight. Barque vessels manned by more difficult creatures are found throughout the area as well.

Here are the islands ranked from easiest creatures to most difficult: Zombie Atoll, Skeleton Bay, Ghost Island, Vampire Reef, Ruins, Dragon Island, and Evil Island.

The Haunted Crypt is accessed through the Dark Tunnel found below this area.

The Haunted Islands provides numerous training opportunities, following those creatures found in the Shilla Bay and ending with creatures approximately the same strength as those found in the Great Plains. More specific information can be found in the Training Progression Guide. Creature location is marked on the island maps below. Only Dragon Island and Evil Island have the same creatures spawning on all the spots on the respective islands.

The Elite Weapons dropper Balthasar makes his home in the northeast of the Haunted Islands.


Mission on haunted seas
The quest is started at the Haunted Islands entrance from the Open sea. You just need to go back to Shillatown and visit the Mayor there to complete the quest.

Ghostly trip 1
It's started near Ghost Island's dock. You need to go to the Cemetary to look for the grave, it's located near the Cemetary - to Castle teleport spot. Come back to the Ghost Island to complete the quest.

Ghostly trip 2
This quest can be done once you complete Ghostly trip 1. This time the ghost asks you to go down to the Haunted Crypt to look for his father's ghost. It's located in the Chamber 2 middle section, second from bottom path. Go back to Ghost Island to complete the quest.

Ghostly trip 3
This quest starts at the Chamber 2 father's ghost location after Ghostly trip 2 completion. You're asked to get 210 Sweet Dream from Ghost Island creature. Once you complete you'll get 850 million Experience.

Quick Look


Do - Docks
Sy - Shipyard
R - Reef
L1 - Landing spot from Chamber 7 of the Haunted Crypts
L2 - Landing spot from Chamber 7 of the Haunted Crypts

B - Balthasar Location
D1 - Down to Dark Tunnel
D2 - Down to Dark Tunnel
U1 - Up to Skeleton Island
U2 - Up to Vampire Reef

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