The Hexagon is a place in Shilla houses Elite and higher monsters that drop Tier 4 Armor.

It has 6 sides and each side has it's own section of monsters that are existing in the game, that drop Tier 4 armor.

  • The N side has Medusas
  • The NE side has Holy Knights(both variations)
  • The SE side has the Imprisoned Unicorns
  • The S side has Quetzalcoatis
  • The SW side has Krakens
  • the NW side has Unicorns

To enter, each guild has 2 separate entrances.

  • N side is Mage only, from Maze Dead End
  • NE side is Thief side, Lake Gala Corner
  • SE side is Fighter side, Dungeon Dead End
  • S side is Mage only, bottom of DDF pit.
  • SW side is Thief Only, Sky Castle Level 2
  • NW side is Figher only, Druid Valley
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