Holy Knight

The Holy Knight is the creature found on all floors of the Sky Castle.

This creature can hit for up to 5,300 points of damage, with it’s 1 attack, and isn't aligned with any of the elemental spheres.

The Holy Knight has 550,000 points of life and will absorb 15% of physical attack damage, 15% of magical attack damage, and an unknown amount of scroll attack damage.

This creature drops different items depending on where it is located. On the 2nd Floor of the Sky Castle the Holy Knight drops Pearl Gauntlets 5% of the time. On the 3rd Floor of the Sky Castle the Holy Knight drops the Pearl Necklace 17.5% of the time. Killing a Holy Knight no matter where it is located will earn the character approximately 3,290,000 points of experience and 1,415 pieces of gold.

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