Hurricane Gustav

No idea on alot of things so if people have better ideas on this add it in or whatever….

Hurricane Gustav was a group kill monster added by VooDoo, around the same time the real hurricane was approaching his area of New Orleans. The hurricane was located right outside the Dark Forest Food Shop.

No idea how much life it started with, or damage, or anything like that. I killed it and got 50 bil exp roughly from it, and 35 million gold.

It also dropped 2 Red Rubies, 2 Red Dust, 1 Nightmist Ring, 1 Engagement Ring, 50 Burritos, and 5 Mardi Gras Beads.

It is raining and the wind is blowing.
The wind is driving the rain, making it hard to see.
The sky is filled with lightning.

A Magic Shield protects you.
You attacked Hurricane Gustav.
Your arrow streaks with the speed of dragons towards your foe doing damage against Hurricane Gustav.
You made 569 attacks, including 45 critical hits, and missed 9 times.
You did 7825814 points of damage.
You beat the poor creature down to a bloody pulp. With a last breath it dies.
You found 34867238 pieces of gold and gained 49786955620 experience.

You are standing in the Dark Forest.
You can travel north
You can travel south
You can travel southwest

You notice a Burrito (50).
You notice a Red Pixie Dust (2).
You notice a Mardi Gras Beads (5).
You notice a Red Ruby (2).
You notice a Engagement Ring.
You notice a Nightmist Ring.

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