I've Killed The Warlock Now What

Note the first 3 bosses are group kills, which means others can damage them for you, and as long as you get the final kill blow, you will have killed the monster to complete the quest. Asking for help may not be a bad idea.

Kill the Siren
Start at New Shilla mayor
find it in the sea NW of new shilla
Difficulties: Long battle, causes confusion randomly. Confusion however only applies to scroll usage, so realistically it's a normal long boss battle.
Reward: A portal in the New Shilla Mayor area that goes to Hell Pit.

Kill the Ant Hill
Starts at new Shilla Mayor
Find him in the jungle on the way to dino land
Difficulties: Can poison you, which takes away 1% of life and mana that can be cumulative if left unchecked. Bring lots of cure poison potions and teleport to the fountain after killing it so you can fully heal.
Reward: Portal to Jungle
Kill the Boulder Hurler
Starts in new Shilla Mayor
Find him at the end of Mount M
Difficulties: This boss can be a real pain because it can cause it causes headache, which can only be cured with potion of cure disease. If you are a mage, be very careful since with no fatigue Energy Shield won't help you at all.
Does do critical hits but the code isn't working correctly and only displays it, so there is a chance you may take 2-3x the normal damage if this is fixed.
Reward: Portal to middle of Mount M.

Acquire a divine neckband
Starts: new shilla Mayor
Difficulties: It's MTG18, which is one of the higher max hit bosses of the area.
Rwards: None

Kill Smitty
Starts: New shilla Mayor
Difficulties: Just a long boss battle, high max hits
Rewards: a Rod of Destiny to be used in Divinity Bracelet combo later

Kill Bob
Starts: New shilla Halfling Food shop
Difficulties: None other than a long boss fight with large max hits
Rewards: Kraal's Birthday Cake used in forge combo for divinity bracelet

Kill Jack
Starts: new shilla Draconian weapons
Difficulty: Just a long boss battle again
Rewards: None

Get Limbo Stone
Start: New shilla wraith armor
Difficulties: Finding 100 dark trinkets. That is a lot of dark traveler quests, lots of new shilla boss kills, or a ton of mining to grind those out
Reward: Limbo Stone used in Divinity Bracelet forge combo

Return to new shilla elven weapons to finish mean town and return it to regular shilla town?

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