Ice Palace


The Ice Palace is an area in Shilla where the Storm Giant has the Princess held captive. The quest can be done after you've done the Elemental Guardians quests.

The Ice Palace requires an Intelligence of 864, 960, or 1,056 depending on your race to enter.

Getting to the Ice Palace

There are four possible locations found in the Glacier where randomly (might be depending on which time of day) a portal will appear for you to enter the Ice Palace. The locations are located at Balder/Loki area, Yeti/Winged Serpent area, the Pirates area, and Blue Dragon/Ice Demon area.

If you want to go to one of the other locations a pattern exists for getting to them from the Balder/Loki area and is useful for finding the other creatures that reside in the Glacier. Use the Glacier map and this will look less complicated.

Once you enter the area, you can't exit, so to leave it you've to use Teleport.


The Ice Palace is the last training area before moving on to the Catacombs. The three groups of creatures are all Neutral aligned, making training here linear. Picking up food can result in a encountering a Mimic about three quarters of the time, but mostly they're just an annoyance because you'll be able to easily defeat them. They no longer surprise attack you like they did in Old Shilla, but remain the most hated enemy of Aa.

Avoid going too high in the Palace while training. The last 2 spots are very dangerous: The first spot has a Grandmaster Frost Giant, the last spot is the Storm Giant. Both can kill you if you aren't paying attention.

Map Layout

There are a total of thirteen levels in the Ice Palace.

You start out at Level 0 at a Bored Guard location. Going down the west stairs, or West Loop, dead ends after two levels. In this loop you only encounter Ice Warriors, Ice Gargoyles, Polar Worms, and Mimics. Taking the east stairs, or East Loop, continues to ascend 10 levels until you reach the Storm Giant. You will encounter Ice Warriors, Ice Gargoyles, Polar Worms and Mimics on levels 1. Levels 2 to 5 contain Ice Palace Guards, Ice Elementals, Ice Golems, and Mimics. On Levels 6 to 9 and the first spot on Level 10 you'll find Female Giants, Ettins, Frost Giants and of course, Mimics.

This map, made years ago by either Steve or Sortin, makes it look more complicated than the Ice Palace really is. I'm not going to bother to improve it.

Text Map:
              u/d - # - # - # -u/d
               | ^ -----3---> | |
               # |      |     | #
               | 2   Glacier  | |
               # |            4 #
               | |            | |
               # |            | #
               |  <---1-----  v |
               u/d - # - # - # -u/d


The Mimic is a creature that appears about 50% of the time when picking up a dropped item in the Ice Palace. Its attack hits for a very weak amount, about 6000 damage, but has the stats of most creatures in the area. Generally if you can 1-round the bottom level of the Ice Palace, you will 1-round Mimics as well. They are hated with the heat of a supernova by Aa.

Ice Crystal Ooze

This group kill creature resides in the middle spots on either Level 1 or Level 3.

Quick Look

Name Alignment Armor/Resist Attacks Drop Life Max Hit
Mimic None 10%/?? 1 None 20,000,000 30,000
Ice Warrior None 15%/30% 1 Yellow Snow Cones 20,000,000 33,250
Ice Gargoyle None 25%/35% 2 None 18,000,000 32,000
Polar Worm None 20%/25% 1 None 19,000,000 30,750
Ice Palace Guard1 None 25%/20% 1 Spicy Chili 18,500,000 34,750
Ice Golem None 35%/50% 2 None 16,000,000 35,000
Ice Elemental None 30%/40% 2 None 17,000,000 33,000
Ettin None 30%/25% 2 None 18,000,000 37,000
Female Giant None 30%/30% 1 Mulled Wine 17,000,000 35,750
Frost Giant None 35%/30% 1 None 16,000,000 34,500
Storm Giant None 50%/50% 1 None 75,000,000 35,000
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