Ice Palace

Ice Palace

The Ice Palace is an area in Shilla only accessible after defeating all 4 Elemental Guardians. It is where the Storm Giant has the Princess held captive.

The Ice Palace requires an Intelligence of 864, 960, or 1,056 depending on your race to enter.

Getting to the Ice Palace

There are four possible locations found in the Glacier for the Ice Palace and it will appear randomly at any of them. The easiest location to find is in the Thor/Odin area. Follow the directions for getting to Thor and Odin (At the 6-way go NW two times, Down, NW two times, N four times, Up, NW, Up, NW two times, then Up.) then go NW once and N three times. Just bounce back and forth on that spot until the Ice Palace appears.

If you want to go to one of the other locations a pattern exists for getting to them from the Odin/Thor area and is useful for finding the other creatures that reside in the Glacier. That pattern is… N three times, E two times, Down, E two times, S three times. Reversing the directions, and continuing west instead of going south, will backtrack you towards Odin again. Eventually I will get the Glacier map done and this will look less complicated.


The Ice Palace is the last training area before moving on to the Catacombs. The three groups of creatures are all Neutral aligned, making training here linear. Picking up items and food can result in a surprise attack from Mimics, so don't forget to heal after these minor encounters. Avoid going too high in the Palace while training. The Storm Giant is a tough customer.

Map Layout

This map below is hard to explain, in a way. You start the bottom layer, in the center. You can move east, but since you're at the bottom, you can't go up or down. So you are forced to go left. There, you can go up. Now once you go up, you can't revisit this level. So to leave the Ice Palace, you have to Town Portal or Teleport your way out. If you do exit the Ice Palace by the south "door" you are randomly placed in one of the four locations in the Glacier.

When you move up the floors, you're moving in a clockwise pattern, towards the top and the Storm Giant. There really isn't a specific number of floors to go, as this place is somewhat… unstable. So you keep moving, hitting the various creature groups until you see the top.

The map is below if you need help understanding it. Or just need a picture diagram.

Text Map:
              u/d - # - # - # -u/d
               | ^ -----3---> | |
               # |            | #
               | 2            | |
               # |            4 #
               | |            | |
               # |            | #
               |  <---1-----  v |
               u/d - # - # - # -u/d


The Mimic is a creature that shows up in about a 1/40 chance of picking up a dropped item in the Ice Palace. It attacks you for a very weak amount(about 6000 damage), but has the stats of most creatures in the area, generally if you can 1-round the bottom level of the Ice Palace, you will 1-round this as well. But the only real use for the Mimic's is for all the specialty guilds final quests and to give AA her first death. Stupid Mimics!

Quick Look

Name Alignment Armor Attacks Drop Life Max Hit
Mimic None 10% 1 None 20,000,000 30,000
Ice Warrior None 15% 1 Yellow Snow Cones, Claymore 20,000,000 33,250
Ice Gargoyle None 25% 1 Tempered Kris 18,000,000 25,300
Polar Worm None 20% 1 Bow of the Equinox 19,000,000 30,750
Ice Palace Guard1 None 25% 1 Spicy Chili 18,500,000 34,750
Ice Golem None 35% 1 Rod of Destiny 16,000,000 35,000
Ice Elemental None 30% 1 Blackened Staff 17,000,000 33,000
Ettin None 30% 2 Flanged Mace 18,000,000 37,000
Female Giant None 30% 1 Mulled Wine 17,000,000 35,750
Frost Giant None 35% 1 Ultimate Jeweled Battle Axe 16,000,000 34,500
Storm Giant None 70% 1 None 75,000,000 37,000
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