Intelligence is one of the 6 primary stats of Shilla. It mainly determines the amount of areas you can visit in the game. Intelligence also adds to a character's total Mana.

  • Fighters can train any of their spells, but the combined spell levels must add up to your intelligence.
  • Thieves and people not in a guild, can have their total spell levels at double their intelligence, but one spell can't go over the intelligence level.
  • Mages can have as many spell levels as they want, but no one spell can go over their intelligence.

Intelligence is a very important stat for those in the Mage guild, because it determines the number of hits when attacking using an attack spell, like Dexterity does for physical attacks. Furthermore, the higher the Intelligence, the cheaper will be any spell's training cost, so it works together with Wisdom to reduce spell training costs.

Finally, it determines how much damage you can do with an Ice Scroll.

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