Isis isn't just a terroist group but is one of the four Egyptian gods that reside on the sixth level of the Pyramid.

Isis hits for a maximum of 25,850 points of damage with its one attack and is aligned to the sphere of Earth.
Becca says…(thats like 1 out of 3 rpg rounds they manage to not blow them self up)

Isis has 7,900,000 points of life and will absorb 30% of all physical, magical, and scroll attack damage.

Isis drops a few of the [[Oracle Equipment]]] and will earn you approximately 85,590,000 points of experience and 22,700 pieces of gold.
Becca says…(but picks up any equipment America just leaves behind)

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Example: Murica…
Isis has been beaten to a bloody pulp. With a last breath, it dies.

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