Name Found Bonuses Additional Abilities
Amulet of the Apprentice Shillatown +50 Wis None
Ankh Vast Desert +150 Wis and +150 Int Decreases heat/cold damage by 50%
Astral Pendant Quest item Resist Good 35% Damage
Black Amulet Shillatown, Vast Desert +50 Str None
Blue Amulet Drakmor Castle +10 Str None
Charms Hell Pit Varies Varies
Clear Crystal Amulet Elven Village, Vast Desert +100 Int None
Collar of Spiritual Domination Quest Item Resist Spirit 35% Damage
Dwarven Pendant Dwarven Stronghold +15 Str, +20 Dex, and +15 Con None
Eagle Talisman Forge +50 Str and +100 Dex None
Elven Broach Elven Village +70 Wis and +70 Int None
Eye of Ra Vast Desert +300 Dex, +300 Wis, and +300 Int Nullifies heat/cold damage
Ice Amulet Glacier +200 Dex and +200 Con None
Lost Amulet Ocean +100 to Dex, Con, Int and Wis +75% to Treasure Hunting skill, Allows Swimming, Flying and Burrowing
Maji Ward Group Kill +100 Wis, +100 Int, and +100 Chr None
Mermaid Scale Beach, Dwarven Stronghold None Breath Underwater(This is actually a ring in Updated Shilla)
Phylactery Limbo Keeper Varies Varies
Shaman Talisman Glacier +150 Dex and +75 Con None
Shining Pendant Halfling Shire +100 Str, +100 Wis, and +100 Int Nightvision
Umbral Pendant Quest Item Resist Evil 35% Damage
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