The Jungle is the next area past Rough Island in Shilla. To access it, you will see a path going W when you are in the Northern part of Rough Island, taking this path will get you to the Jungle.

There are numerous kill to move spots in the Jungle. You want to be able to survive whatever it is you are going to kill, because you can't backtrack from that area unless you teleport/use a scroll to leave.

First area is a W/E section that moves NW towards the river area. You will need to kill to move to progress to the River.
Monsters here are the White Ape, Sabertooth, and Tree Beast.

Next area is the River. You will need to be able to swim to progress here. To move, you will need to kill the first monster here. You can progress either N or S from here, the monsters stay the same regardless. Monsters here are the Beluga, Alligator Gar, and Titanoboa.

Following the River Northward, you can move NW to a section where the monsters there are the Mosquito Bombastico, Tree Beast, and Bagatelli. There is no kill to move path here. This path does lead to Dino Land, which you will need to kill to move once to progress there.

If you take the first SE section off of the River path, you will find a section of Socolpendra Gigantea and a Bird Eating Spider. You will need to kill to move to train here.

Monster Info:

Note anything with a range (X-X) has not been fully researched and was taken off the Shilla areas and creatures page.
Please use consider when trying something for the first time. If it says you will not survive, please think twice before attacking.

Name Align Armor Resist Attacks Drop Life Max Hit Gold Exp
White Ape Earth 39% 28% 4 30,000,000 56448-67920 94,106 237,600,000
Sabertooth Earth 30-39% 23% 3 31,000,000 56448-67920 109,763 245,520,000
Tree Beast Earth 30-39% 21% 2 Passion Fruit 32,000,000 56448 104,141 253,440,000
Bagatelli Earth 30-39% 29% 2 33,000,000 56448-67920 108,682 261,360,000
Mosquito Bombastico Air 30-39% 23% 2 34,000,000 56448-67920 108,511 269,280,000
Titanoboa  Water 30% 30% 4 Snake Kabob 35,000,000 56448-67920 112,136 277,200,000
Beluga Water 30-39% 24% 4 36,000,000 56448-67920 111,863 285,120,000
Alligator Gar Water 30-39% 27% 3 37,000,000 56448-67920 128,256 293,040,000
Scolopendra Gigantea Earth 30-39% 26% 3 38,000,000 56448-67920 125,651 300,960,000
Bird Eating Spider Earth 39% 26% 4 Spider Legs 39,000,000 67920 118,726 308,880,000

All monsters have a chance to drop a Scroll to return to the Jungle.


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