Allure lake.

Yeah, we go from Lake Gala to Allure Lake. If anyone finds Lake Gala, let me know. Otherwise we'll be dealing with this lake.

This lake is past the Park Ranger, couple spaces east, then 3 south. Now for the information people really want to hear.

  • Use Vast Valley Teleport. Fastest way to get here. I assume at some point next year, we can teleport here. You know, once the wizards figure out how to make an intermediate scroll. Right know they just learned how to make a fire, and working with fire to make a forge.
  • Park Ranger - Total badass for a noob such as yourself(myself as well). With stats of 580, 710, and 450 it took me 5 rounds to beat down this fool. So expect to throw about 20 or more bear steaks right here to heal. Also, unlike old Shilla(don't ask me either), you can't freely walk back and forth during an active session. You go east, and go accidently click west, you have to fight him again. And you can't go back the other direction. So try to keep your encounters to as few as possible. Unless your Kbok who pwns this fool for exp or did. Then carry on.
  • I had just gotten a black amulet before I went here. I had 380k gold and it costs 340k for one at 200 chr. Don't blow it all on this however, save money for food. Otherwise you'll be groping Elites for Cooked meats and scrapping by until you save up some for real food. Like I mentioned in Castle section, 200 is bare min for food in the town food shop. Price doesn't go down any more and you can sell the food back for equal price.
  • With stats of 580,710, and 450 you should be 1-rounding this area a good deal of the time. Dogfish Queens may hit you but don't worry about it, you burn fatigue like hell with the WTK so chances are you needed to heal anyway to replenish your fatigue.
  • Dogfish princess drops 2 fishtails, Queens drop 3. They heal for 126. Sell for 63.
  • 100 grope and you can probably switch out weapons to a GSS. That took me about 120 mil exp. Which didn't take very long. Also shows how worthless weapons are in this game.
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