Lake Gala

Lake Gala is the often skipped area for the more favorable training ground of the Mountain, though it would always follow Drakmor Castle. This is understandable considering many players chose Fire alignment and that Lake Gala creatures and the Mountain creatures are reasonably close in strength. Nevertheless it is the home of the Kraken and the Dogfish group of creatures who drop the tasty Fishtail.

Lake Gala requires an Intelligence of 117, 130, or 143 depending on your race to enter. Lake Gala is located off of the Outskirts and has a teleport location at its entrance.

One quest is activated in Lake Gala. After reaching around 1,000 Wall Score, a boy will appear and ask you to retrieve his shovel from the Demon Crab on the beach.

Five creatures make their home in Lake Gala: Dogfish Child, Dogfish, Dogfish Princess, Dogfish Queen, and the Kraken.

Quick Look

Name Alignment Armor/Resist Attacks Drop Life Max Hit
Dogfish Child Water 5%/0% 1 None 22,000 875
Dogfish Water 5%/0% 1 None 23,000 950
Dogfish Princess Water 5%/0% 1 2 Fishtail 24,000 1,000
Dogfish Queen Water 5%/0% 1 2 Fishtail 25,000 1,125
Piraracu ? ? ? Fishscale Equipment ~80,000 ~1600
Kraken Water 30%/30% 4 Holy Pearl Equipment Brigadine, Greaves, Helm 350,000 4,400


Cookie Monster location e,s of entrance

Red Dot — Up to Outskirts
Blue Dot — One of the four locations of the Kraken

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