The Very First list of how I wanted the site to go. Damn this was in July. I'm almost ashamed I haven't finished this yet.

How to do this:

Each individual item gets detail. So that means
Weapons - Did that
Armor - Somewhat did that
Food - Never did that
Amulets - Did that
Other - Working on that
Get their own page
Now, for areas and monsters
Areas get own page - work in progress
Monsters… probably as well - another work in progress
Unless I can tag an area page with the monster
Then… we tag area/monster together - Not feasible
Back to next idea
Quests, Guilds, and other
Own pages for Quests - Did that
Guilds get own pages - Working on that
Other is whatever is left over - Still working on that

I will get sick of this, and quit
Until then… here we go.

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