Mana Weaponeers


This is within the spell shop of the Elven Village. You need to travel in the tree from base: Up, SE, E, E, SE. This puts you inside the spell shop then you need to travel down into the Mana Weaponeers Dell.

Quest 1

Before he lets you get apart of the guild he wants you to bring him a Mana Based weapon to prove you are dedicated enough to be a Mana Weaponeer. Simple enough bring him an Obsideon Wand (might wanna get a second so you can later make yourself a Bronze Vambrace too). Eventually you'll want a third OW.

Quest 2 1000+ Mana

Once you get 1000 mana and come back and have progressed accordingly in the Mage guild a runner appears beside the man in the arena here. After a big long speech… He says your training in accuracy basically and damage. But first is first, and sends you off for killing 100 witches in the eastern cemetary. Around the up and down portion near the castle. Netting the completion of this quest gives 2% better accuracy for all mana based weapons. (lowering every other weapons accuracy at the same time) Good news is if you die, while recovering you using an Elven Bow isn't affected (100% accuracy). Bad news is unless you can easily kill white slimes and azure golems your mana weapons are gonna stink for awhile.

Quest 3 2000+ Mana

This quest is getting critical hits from Mana Weapons. You must get 100 critical hits against any ogres in the Ogre Cave. Surprisingly it's a bit easier than the previous quest. When you've done this, your critical hits for Mana Weapons will have gone up by 3%. The counter seems to count even hits that don't show up. Best to just get a bit of kills from all three ogres and then just check back since you can check progress at the mana weaponeers guild. This quest is alot faster than it seems.

Quest 4 3000+ Mana

This quest goes back to focusing on better accuracy. You must kill 500 Imps, a job that can take up quite some time.. But once you've done it, your Mana Weapons will once again feature better accuracy by 3% (and all other weapons again lower).

Quest 5 5000+ Mana

Now you're into something else for a change. You're going to have to kill 750 creatures with any Mana weapons, in order to use as little mana per attack as possible. After the quest, your Mana Weapons will use less mana by 3%. Perfect since the spells take quite a bit to cast as is Especially Mana Barrier.

Quest 6 7000+ Mana

Back to critical hits we go, as you must now get 250 critical hits on any creatures. This will take less long than killing, since you will probably get more than 1 critical hit on average per kill from the previously done quest. After the quest and having returned as usual, you'll have more critical hits by 3% from Mana Weapons.

Quest 7 10000+ Mana

Now you're onto accuracy again. Your quest may not be the simplest of all this time. You must first find, and then kill Salena 100 times (this is certainly a pain!). She is in the Plains, and I suggest you use the map to find her. Once found, keep walking on her spot to find and kill her. Afterwards, return and your Mana Weapons will be up 4% in accuracy once again (and all other weapons are downgraded again in accuracy). Check her stats best to 1rnd her since she moves if you take too long to kill her then well you gotta find her all over again. Luckily you keep the kills :-P

Quest 8 15000+ Mana

This quest is to learn you what kind of Mana Weapons there are. You should've had'em all by now. You must get one of each Mana Weapon, and bring it back to the Mana Weaponeers Dell. There are 8 in total: Obsidian Wand, Elven Sword, Emerald Orb, Shining Claw, Iron Baton, Ruby Mace, Blackened Staff and Ferrule of Reki Mia. You're not rewarded with any bonus, but if you have the mana, you can proceed with the next quest.

Quest 9??? 25000+ Mana

Quest 10??? 40000+ Mana

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