Manifest Encorpus

Manifest Encorpus

The Manifest Encorpus ranks the characters of Shilla by how many creatures they have defeated.

Arcane Incorporate

The Arcane Incorporate ranks the characters of Shilla by how many spell levels they have trained, i.e. Spell Rank.

Town Scribe

Here a player can write and save Character Bio, a background story, or just about whatever they wish. Many use this as "shout outs" to other characters. The "View Self" link will show the player what other players will see when they click on the character link at the bottom of the main screen during game play. You can see this character link when you are "standing" in the same location as another character. Also, there is a "Change Chat Color" feature that allows you, after defeating the Warlock, to chat in any color you have previously earned.

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