Rescuing the Master Druid

Rescue the Master Druid

The Master Druid Quest is the 4th Quest you need to complete in order to progress through the Storyline of Shilla.

Quest Requirements

The quest is received from the Mayor in Shillatown. You must have a Wisdom of 260 to receive the quest and enough Intelligence to enter the Druid Keep.

Completing the Quest

The goal with this quest is to go through all four floors of the Druid Keep and rescue the Master Druid that is imprisoned by a group of Black Dragons.

To do this, you need about 4,000-4,500 life with a decent amount of healing food. Here are the list of creatures you will face, in order from weakest to strongest.

Quest Reward

Finishing this quest nets you 500 million experience and 30 Quest Points, plus access to the Druid Keep teleport location.

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