The Maze is home to numerous different things that vary in importance in Shilla. Most of them are needed in one way or another to further yourself in the gameplay.

The Actual Maze

The Maze is divided into 2 parts. The Outer Maze, and Inner Maze. In no part of the Maze will spells work, so you are unable to Town Portal or Teleport out. The Maze requires an Intelligence of 225, 250, or 275 depending on your race to enter. Since magic doesn't work in the Maze there are no teleport locations there. Use the Vast Valley entrance teleport location and go west once, then north. Getting out of the Maze is almost as much trouble as getting in. Unless you are going to lose a lot of gold and experience click "Rescue Me!" in the "Options" menu. If you are in the Inner section of the Maze click on one of the labeled directions will take you back to the entrance.

The Outer Maze

In the Outer Maze you will find various creatures that should not be a problem for you in any way. They vary from something easy as a Hermit Crab to at the most difficult, a Hydra. If you can train in the Deep Dark Forest/Pit area, this part will be a breeze. Even if you can't, running allows you to move. There is one true path through this section that gets you into the Inner Maze. All other parts lead to dead ends. But they are equally as important.

Green Nymph

There is a random chance you will run into her in a dead end. She drops Pearl Leggings which are vary rare to come by, simply because of the location and randomness of which she appears. They are used in a weapon combo, and also in a Thief Guild quest.

Elemental Shrines

Another possibility is that you will encounter a portal leading to a Shrine. If you click that link, you will get teleported to a random Elemental Shrine. Air, Earth, Fire, Water. At this point you can possibly switch alignments if you want, otherwise exiting gets you teleported to another dead end(completely random as the one you came from).

Warlock Tower

If you have beaten the Spirit Guardian, one of the links mentioned in the Elemental Shrine section, leads to the Warlock Tower.

The Inner Maze

Once you made it to the Inner Maze you must defeat the creature to move, like the Druid Keep and Drakmor Castle.


The creature difficulty is stronger then the Deep Dark Forest, but weaker then the Dungeon. People don't train here generally, because of the lack to town portal out, and the amount of effort to actually get in(going through the Outer Maze again). However, most creatures have a small % of dropping a weapon that can go for a few thousand gold… if that would interest anybody.


At the end of the entire Maze, is the Compass. What it does, is allow you to see the true directions of the Vast Desert. Very useful when training, or looking for the Pyramid. However, you lose the ability to find Hidden Treasure until you discard it, and in that case, if you need it back, you will need to go through the Maze again.



Yellow Dots — Outer Maze
Blue Dots — Inner Maze
Red Dots — Dead Ends
O — South to Outskirts
D — Maze Door
1 — Teleport to 2

2 — Teleport location from 1
N — Going North teleports you to Maze Door
S — Going South teleports you to Maze Door
E — Going East teleports you to Maze Door
W — Going West telports you to Maze Door
C — Location of Compass

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