Mermaid Hunter and Quest

Defeating the Mermaid Hunter

Like the Demon Crab the Mermaid Hunter only appears after a quest is activated and once defeated is never seen again. His cave entrance is marked on the map of the Beach

Getting the Quest

The quest is received from the Mayor in Shillatown once you have at least 160 Wisdom and a Wall Score of 1,250.

Completing the Quest

The Mermaid Hunter hits for less than 1,650 points of damage with its one attack and isn't aligned with any of the elemental spheres.

He has 1,100,000 points of life and will absorb approximately 20% of physical attacks, and 5% magic resistance, so expect a longer fight. i.e. Have lots of food ready. (Bp suggests Pegasus Wings if you are a Fighter, AA suggests Ogre Pound Cake if you are a Mana Warrior.)


Defeating the Mermaid Hunter will earn the character approximately 4,200,000 points of experience, 7,300 pieces of gold, and the option of freeing the trapped Mermaid.

Freeing the Mermaid (click on the "free her" link) will cause here to turn into a women and drop the Mermaid Scale. Your character will also earn 300M experience and 20 Quest Points.

And you also get a kiss from a Mermaid. Ain't that a conversation starter?

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