A Mimic is a monster in the Ice Palace that appears randomly whenever you pick up a food or weapon drop.

The chances of one appearing is generally 1 in around 35-40 drops, give or take.

They do automatically hit you when you pick up the drop, kind of like a sneak attack, but its generally for about 5,000 damage. If you choose to go through a fight and get hit, expect more realistic damage, near the 27k mark (estimate a little high perhaps) . The assumed max hit(you can't hit consider here) is 30k.

They have 20,000,000 life, armor and magic resistance of 10%, and if you were so bored as to scroll one, the resistance is 35%. They give roughly 95 to 100 mil exp on average, and drop around 35000 gold on average. Plus they drop whatever item you originally tried to pick up.

The main reason anyone would want to spend time searching for these creatures, going through the considerable work to do so, is for the final Weapon Specialties quest for any weapon group. After crunching numbers, the percentage of finding a mimic is 1% considering that not every kill results in a weapon or food drop. Searching in the second creature group, Ice Palace Guards/Ice Golems/Ice Elementals, give the best chances of getting a weapon/food drop and slightly better experience. Expect to spend upwards of 10 to 11 hours killing the 9K+ creatures. However, since this quest only adds ½% to your damage, it's debatable if you want to go through with the 100 kills or not.

Lastly, mimics were the cause of Alyssa Aarilax's first death. Stupid Mimics.

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