Misc stands for miscellaneous, but in Shilla it just stands for items that don't fall under one of the main categories of Weapons, Armor, Food, or Gems.

Here is a list of misc items by groupings:

Dust can be used in Forge Combos but can be used in Residences as well.

Name Drops Location
Green Pixie Dust Green Slime Cemetery-Crypt - outside Castle Entrace
White Pixie Dust White Slime Dark Forest - furtherest South location
Red Pixie Dust Red Slime Sky Castle - 1st floor, NW and SW corners
Black Pixie Dust Black Slime Vast Desert - spawns in areas around Oasis
Aqua Pixie Dust Aqua Slime Glacier - NW section, see map
Gold Pixie Dust Mining Dwarven Stronghold - see map for details

Stones are found throughout Shilla, and are used mostly in Weapon Enchantments

Stone Acquired/Creature Killed Zone
Dirty Stone Mimmi Dino Land
Fire Stone Mimmi Dino Land
Flying Stone Mimmi Dino Land
Magic Stone Lich Sorcerer Haunted Islands
Spell Stone Mean Elf Footface Island
Stone of Abundance Mimmi Dino Land
Stone of Accuracy Mining - Skill 420 Dungeon of the Lost Souls
Stone of Attention Mining Dungeon of the Lost Souls
Stone of Decimation Sea Monster Open Sea
Stone of Disintegration [[[]]]
Stone of Divinity [[[]]]
Stone of Engagement Harmot Atlantis
Stone of Extraordinarity M15 Mount M
Stone of Extravagance M1 Mount M
Stone of Manipulation Death Angel Great Plains
Stone of Mutilation Sea Monster Open Sea
Stone of Reduction [[[]]]
Stone of Shatter Animated Corpse Catacombs
Stone of Supremacy Digging Sand Mansion
Warm Stone Mimmi Dino Land
Weapon Stone Ruin Robber Haunted Islands
Wet Stone Mimmi Dino Land
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