Miscellaneous Guides

Below are the group of guides that give advice about various aspects of the Shilla World.

  1. Gold Making Guide - In need of an update, but the basics of how to accumulate gold are there.
  2. Residences - A lot of the basic information on this new aspect of Shilla is present.
  3. Treasure Hunting Guide - The guide for finding treasures in the Vast Desert. While this was an important aspect of Old Shilla, it has lost much of that importance in this newer version of the game.
  4. Alignment Guide - In need of an update, but the basics of alignment interactions remain true.
  5. Race Tier List by Guild - Slow progress ? Try changing your guild using this guide!
  6. Weapon Guide - Thanks to a great Damage Calculator created by Tallieifer, this guide in its current form is obsolete. I have other plans for its next version though.
  7. Training Progression Guide - This table compares the general training areas, or spots within areas. Basically answering the question "Where should I being grinding next?"
  8. Shilla Bay and Beyond Guide - Condensed version of the why and how for these series of new areas in Shilla. Will be added to as I progress past Facefoot Islands.
  9. Enchanting a Weapon Guide - Everything you need to know about making your weapons better.
  10. Creature Class - Simple chart that shows the percentage increase or decrease of a creature class vs weapon type.
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