Money Guide

This is a guide on how to make money in Shilla. There are a few methods on how to do it, and I will go ahead and break down most of them. If you feel you have a better method, or want to add on to one, feel free to.

If you are reading this, and are a total newbie, then you're not going to get much out of this. Why? Because your options are limited. Selling armor off the ground nets you literally nothing. So your just better off killing the creatures you 1-round, and banking the gold you get from that.

So with that in mind, here we go.

Creature Gold

Like I mentioned earlier, this is probably the most direct way to make money. Each area you train in gives gold. The higher the area, the more gold you net per kill. So by naturally moving up areas, your income gets bigger. But at the same time, this can feel like a long time to get to certain goals like an Elven Cloak.

Selling Weapons

Eventually, you will come across weapons. The Maze would be the 1st place you'd come across some.
You should pick up each weapon you see. At the very least, its about 2000 gold. The higher the weapon is, the more value its worth.

You find weapons in the Maze, Clouds, Volcano, Pyramid, and Ice Palace.
Each weapon group is worth about 10x more then the previous group.

You could take the weapons you find, and upgrade them to the next level with forging, and get 10x more gold then before, but it is really time consuming and may not be the most efficient way to making money.

Once you have 2500 Charisma, the amount you can make off of a weapon reaches its maximum point.

Elemental Forges

A common thing I've seen lately, is people forging their own elemental weapons, and selling them. Now, you'd have to buy some village armor for this, and ask people for the food item generally, so it takes a lot of cooperation, but you apparently can net some decent amount of income this way.

Mythril Selling

Mythril Armor is armor dropped by Odin. It's unique because it gives stats to one of the six main stats, and its also gender/race specific. Therefore, its base value is very high. Mainly for people to buy out of Trader Jacks.

People have resorted to doing things like training Ice Scrolls to defeat Odin and get a rare piece of armor. The drop rate is about 30%. But you do get a decent amount of gold for selling a piece(10 mil give or take on your own charisma). So its safe to say people do this. It is however, very time consuming. Some train fire scrolls to get ice scrolls(very tedious, you'd need to train the fire scroll), then the training of the ice scrolls(gets easier the stronger you are), and finally the prayer of luck(to actually get a drop).

Eventually, one will be able to 1-round Odin and train here. Doing that should set you for life on gold.


This is my favorite. Also the most random of all these ideas. Why? Because its gambling.

Here is the rundown on Gambling:

Gambling is done in Orc Outpost. You visit the dice tent, and you're asked to put down an amount of gold. You do so. Now if you roll certain numbers, you win and double your money. Other numbers, and you lose. You keep rolling until you win or lose.

Now… I have had effectiveness winning a lot. If your interested, you may read on.

To play this game, you need to be a smart better. Don't take all your money on a double or nothing bet. Sure, it looks good to win everything at once. But it sucks to lose everything at once more. So setup a plan.

My plan usually is (Gold on hand/8 = bet amount). So if I had 8 million gold, I'd play 1 million a roll.
I've always gotten ahead this way. But, if you get behind some, your not completely out. You can decrease your bets until you get on your feet.

But you always seem to win. Or I have. Others may or may not agree. I can not vouch for the losers methods. But for all the people I have done this for, or told how to do it, its instant gold.

So after a while of winning, you can increase the bets, because you have more gold. 8 million turns into 80 million. 80 turns into 800. 800 mil turns into 8 bil. Now pretty soon your set for life.

So… this sounds so good, how to get here? Follow this list:

  1. Ensure you can get into Orc Outpost safely. Check with the Informant across from the Rental Shop if you need to. If you done the Orcs vs. Elves quest, and sided with the Orc's, you will get in automatically. If you sided with the Elves, the gambling access is denied.
  2. Once you established that you won't die if you enter, go through the Ocean. If your lucky, you may not encounter a Whirlpool on the way in. However…
  3. If you do, you are going to need to get around it. There's a rental item in Shilla, called the "Ward of Charybdis". Rent that for a day. It'll cost you about 4-5 million, but its worth every penny.
  4. Visit Bank in Orc Village and take out whatever money you wish to play with.
  5. Gamble =)

Believe this is all the methods to making money in Shilla. If you have any other ideas, feel free to add them.

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